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Photo Visit – Au Comptoir – November 2014

30 Nov

2278 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6K 1N8

T: 604 569 2278

So, it is official. I am smitten with Au Comptoir. I am completely taken with this cute, Parisian-inspired café. B and I have been visiting regularly for brunch (a great option if you are in the Kitsilano area) but it was only recently that we had dinner there. The atmosphere makes this a perfect little spot for a date night, particularly on a cold fall night. We warmed up over some glasses of French sparkling wine before placing our orders. Highlights of the evening were the delicate and creamy foie gras torchon (I had to look up what torchon is, and basically the foie gras is wrapped tight in a cloth to keep it all together and then cooked). The confit leek tart was also a stand-out, as were the desserts (not surprising really as the pastry chef last worked at Blue Water Cafe).

I had mentioned in my previous post that the service is very reminiscent of Parisian service (less hand-holding than North American service) and I had a message from a reader saying that they had been ignored and experience rude service at Au Comptoir. After visiting numerous times since they opened, this has not been my experience at all. If you are looking for overly attentive service, keep in mind that this isn’t the service on offer at Au Comptoir. You will get everything you need but my understanding is that their intention is to allow diners to linger – if you need your bill, ask for it. Simple.

Foie gras torchon with brioche – $19Confit leek tart, buttermilk ricotta, potato crisps – $12

Unilateral salmon, tagliatelle, tarragon beurre blanc – $24

Chanterelle and celeriac risotto – $21

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Lava Cake

Having Au Comptoir in the neighbourhood has made me very happy. If I’m in the mood for French, I go to Au Comptoir, if I am in the mood for Italian, I trot down to Nook. The Kits neighbourhood has certainly been improved with this recent addition to the food scene.