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Feast of Fields

11 Sep

After five years of living in Vancouver, I finally made it to a well-known annual foodie event; Feast of Fields. The reason I could make it this year and not previous years, was that there is now a “Feast Bus” – an affordable shuttle that transported eager foodies to the location of this year’s event, Golden Ears Cheesecrafters. Thank goodness for that shuttle! True to the name, the event was held in a field at the Maple Ridge based cheesecrafters and, with all the wine and beer samples, I certainly did not want to drive afterwards.

Summer Hill Cipes Brut? Yes, please!!

Elephant Island was there. Yum!

The $85 ticket allowed you to sample food and drink from over fifty different chefs, farmers, food artisans, vintners, and brewers. It was completely indulgent so, of course, I was in heaven. On arrival, you were given a wine glass and a linen napkin and for the next four hours you were free to sample and slurp your way through all of the different suppliers until you could sample no more.

The day was a grey and slightly wet one, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. My sister and I darted from tent to tent, sampling as much as we could. Some particularly memorable dishes were Lolita’s ceviche, the Vancouver Club’s Dungeness crab “slaw”, Pearl Urban Bistro’s tempura bacon, and the Big Feast Bistro’s bison slider.

Vancouver Club’s Dungeness crab “slaw”.

Lolita’s ceviche on corn tostada.

There were delicious savoury samples, such as:

The Pointe Restaurant’s smoked peaches, goat cheese, cedar syrup, and micro greens.

Edible Canada’s curry crusted seared scallops, avocado puree, corn salsa, and fried corn tortilla.

Preston’s braised pork belly, star anise sweet soy glaze on a sweet rice cake.

Aphrodite’s fennel and basil coleslaw with pippin-peach vinaigrette and fennel pollen creme fraise, on cabbage leaves.

The duck confit with cherry tomatoes on a blueberry cracker from Wild Rice.

Yew restaurant’s heirloom style tomato salad.

Oru’s rabbit and duck terrine de champagne, with radish salad and pickled mustard seeds.

There were tantalizing desserts:

And yes, I tried to eat all of this and more. And yes, I was extremely full by the end of the day, but also so happy!

This would have to be one of the most organized festivals that I’ve been to. The washrooms were porta-potties but they also had a separate hand washing station, complete with soap and hand towels, and there were also washing up stations throughout the field so you could wash your hands, or fill up on water. Even though there were hundreds of attendees, everyone was very patient and we all civilly waited in line for our samples. By late afternoon, some tents had run out of samples but I was so full by that stage, that it didn’t concern me too much.

It was an exceptionally fun day and this is an event that I will definitely be penciling in my calendar for next year.