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Araxi’s Long Table Series – Coming to Vancouver!

18 Jun

**As of Saturday, July 13, this event has been cancelled due to licensing issues. Refunds or exchanges for the Whistler events are available. So disappointing!**

Now that I have safely secured my tickets, I can share with you more details about Araxi’s Long Table Series that is going to be held over the summer.

Usually the Long Table events take place in the Whistler area but this year we Vancouverites will not have to travel far in order to enjoy some of Araxi restaurant’s delicious seasonal food and BC wine pairings. On Saturday, July 27, Araxi will be bringing their annual Long Table Dinner to Prospect Point in Stanley Park.

2011’s Long Table Dinner at North Arm Farm – nothing short of spectacular!

Having already attended two of these events (one at North Arm Farm and the other at Rainbow Park) and knowing how fun they can be, I am excited to enjoy this experience closer to home. Tickets are $175 each and, yes, that may seem high but keep in mind that includes a cocktail reception, a four course meal, and wine pairings. Plus, how often do you get to have an alfresco dinner with 300 people?

If you do find yourself in the Whistler area this summer, I highly recommend partaking in one of the Long Table Dinners whilst you are there. The North Arm Farm site is breathtaking and you can participate in a tour of the farm whilst you are there.

 Food from last year’s event

Dessert is always well-executed

The dates for this year are:

Saturday, July 27th – Prospect Point in Stanley Park, Vancouver

Saturday, August 3rd – Lost Lake, Whistler

Saturday, August 17th – North Arm Farm, Pemberton


Neil Henderson, Restaurant Director, 604 932 4540 or
$175.00 per person, per event
(includes reception, wine, four-course menu, tax and gratuity

Hope to see you there!

Long Table, WhistlerLast year’s Long Table at Rainbow Park, Whistler


Araxi Long Table Dinner – August 2012

21 Aug

Last week B and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary – exciting stuff! To celebrate, we spent this past weekend in Whistler where we stayed at Nita Lake Lodge, the gorgeous lake-front hotel where we tied the knot. Besides celebrating our anniversary, we were especially motivated to visit Whistler on this particular weekend so that we could partake in Araxi’s Long Table Dinner, an annual event that we also attended last year.

This year’s Long Table Dinner was held at a different location than last year’s dinner, and so we spent Saturday afternoon at Rainbow Park, just outside of Whistler. In addition to the four-course dinner with wine pairings ($175pp), there was also a small market on-site that offered produce from local farms, such as Rootdown Organics and North Arm Farm.

Colouful produce that was available from the small on-site market.

Although the menu didn’t differ much from our Long Table Dinner experience from last year, the food and drinks were the typical high-quality that I’ve come to expect from Araxi.

We started with welcome strawberry, basil and vanilla gin cocktails…

…which we enjoyed with the Yarrow Meadow duck liver parfait grougere…

…and the chilled Fraser Valley corn and basil soup.

The oyster bar was a new addition to the line-up. On a hot day, chilled oysters with cucumber pearls felt quite indulgent.

Executive Chef, James Walt, putting the finishing touches on the first course.

First Course: Heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, organic greens, basil and gazpacho vinaigrette, and tomato chips, paired with a glass of Mission Hill’s SLC Sauvignon Blanc 2010.

Second Course: Red tuna salad with butter potatoes, green beans, salsa verde, organic olive tapenade, and eggs. I really liked the way that they portioned this dish this year. The tuna salad was served with a Martin’s Lane Pinot Noir 2010.

Third Course: Roasted leg and loin of lamb, crispy beef cheek fritter, beets and baby carrots. This dish was paired with…wait for it…

…Mission Hill’s Oculus 2009!! B and I were both pretty excited when we saw the representatives from Mission Hill winery decanting this wine earlier in the day. I’m not sure if you recall, but I recently blogged about buying a bottle of this fabulous wine whilst in the Okanagan.

Fourth Course: Black Forest cake with cherries, buttermilk and vanilla pannacotta with peaches and nectarines, apricot macaroon, and there were some jelly pastels. Dessert was paired with another Mission Hill wine, the Reserve Riesling Ice Wine 2011.

The views weren’t as spectacular as The North Arm Farm location but, on the plus side, it was much closer to Whistler than last year. The Long Table Dinner series is over for another year, and I’m glad that we attended again. It is such a relaxing, fun day and I find that, besides the food and the wine, the best part of these dinners is meeting interesting people from all walks of life, including the local suppliers that provided the delicious ingredients that were used in the meal.

Get your Araxi Long Table Dinner tickets!

7 Jun

If you a regular visitor of my blog, then you may remember a post that I did last summer about Araxi’s Long Table Dinner. It was easily one of the most memorable events that we went to last year. To refresh your memory, it looked like this…

And we were served lots of yummy food, like this…

…and this….

…and under the hot sun we got slightly inebriated with welcome cocktails and glasses of wine…

You could say it was the perfect day. It certainly was to me.

The Long Table Dinner is on again this year and although the location has changed from the North Arm Farm to Rainbow Park, the event will still remain an alfresco dinner. This year there is also the introduction of a small farmers market where diners can purchase local food products.

If the idea of eating a delicious four course meal with wine, against a backdrop of a lake and those breath-taking peaks that Whistler is famous for appeals to you, then you should get your tickets – stat! This year there are only two dinners, July 21st and August 18th, and these events are extremely popular. I am definitely heading up there again this year. Hope to see you there!

Tickets can be purchased through Araxi or via email (

Araxi Long Table Dinner – August 27th

31 Aug

Oh my goodness. Sometimes in life you get to participate in an event that thrills you so much that it makes your heart sing! Some people get that high from sporting events, music lovers get it from those once-in-a-lifetime concerts, but I, I get it from foodie events. And Saturday night’s Araxi Long Table Dinner, held on a farm in Pemberton, was one of those memorable events!We started with a few cheeky drinks on the sunny patio at Araxi. This is a “Frozen Vine”, which is a mix of icewine, vodka, sparkling wine. It’s a little pricey at $14 but well worth it. We picked up the shuttle that took us out to North Arm Farm, Pemberton, where we were greeted with this:

So, the view? Obviously it was absolutely amazing. And the weather? The weather was summer at its finest. Now, the food? Let me tell you about the food…On arrival we were greeted with glasses of chilled riesling, fresh berry vodka cocktails (the berries are picked right from the farm – hello!) and canapés.

First up was the Tofino crab in egg crepe

…followed by Yarrow Meadow duck liver parfait. The animal-lover in me didn’t want to enjoy these as much as I did.

A well-balanced sweet corn and basil soup completed the canapés. If you so wished, tours of the farm were given or you could choose to devour more canapés and drink more welcome drinks. We chose the latter. It was an easy decision to make.

We eventually made our way over to the 114 seat long table and got ready to be wowed.

The first course, North Arm Beet Salad, was served with a Foxtrot Chardonnay. The beets were grown on the farm, paired with buffalo mozzarella and spiced nuts.

The second course was a light and refreshing Wild BC Tuna “Nicoise”. It was made with butter potatoes, beans, tomato salsa verde, quail eggs and olive tapenade. The wine pairing was a Foxtrot Pinot Noir. Absolutely delicious!

The main course was Heritage Angus Natural Beef, which was barbequed throughout the evening. The crispy slow cooked beef cheek fritters were absolutely divine. The side was North Arm onions, swiss chard and baby onions. My favourite wine of the night was the wine paired with this meal; a smooth Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon.

Here is the Meat Guardian, Pinot. She is the North Arm Farm dog and she did a great job watching over the meat and cleaning up any scraps that *might* have fallen her way. What a beautiful girl.

Dessert was served with a cabernet sauvignon ice wine, and even though we were all extremely full, we tucked right in. The chocolate dipped ice-cream bars were a delight on such a hot day. Pistachio cakes and fresh cherries were also served.

We finished our meal with macaroons and jellies, courtesy of Thierry Café.

As the sunset over the craggy mountains and the last bites were had, we piled back into the shuttle with full bellies and a drunken buzz and headed back to Araxi for more drinks with our new foodie friends. I cannot recommend the Araxi Long Table Dinner enough. Yes, $160 for the food and drinks (+ $35 for the shuttle) is quite a hefty cost but if you are a foodie then you understand that this is money well-spent.

We will be back next year!