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40+8 Hours of Food & Flicks

21 Jul

Grace Gallery
1898 Main St
Vancouver, BC
V5T 3B7

Brief Description: An annual event that combines food and art – but only for 48 hours! Read on for further information.

One of the most exciting aspects of life in Vancouver is that there are so many things to do so long as you make the effort to search for them. If you do make the effort, you can be rewarded with unique experiences such as dining at an “underground” restaurant, social biting your way around town or enjoying a wonderful 3 course meal in a small art gallery whilst watching short films made by local film-makers. And the latter is exactly how B and I spent our Saturday morning.

40+8 Hours of Food & Flicks is in its second year and has just finished up a tiring weekend of non-stop cooking and entertaining. The location for the event was Grace Gallery, a teeny art gallery on the corner of Main and Third that is run by Rachel Zottenberg. Rachel teamed up with Chef Todd, who runs 12B (the “underground” restaurant), and together they entertained guests for 48 hours straight. Yes, Todd cooked for 48 hours!!

The 48 hour cooking marathon started at noon on Friday, July 17th and it was divided up in to 24 two-hour seating’s with a maximum of 20 people per seating. For a small fee of $20 we were treated to a delicious 3 course meal and an alcoholic beverage. Whilst everyone ate and drank and chatted, short films created by local film-makers were playing on a large screen at the end of the table. You could choose to watch or you could choose to chat to your dining buddy. Some of the films were….well, interesting. Some were really good and others not so much but it was definitely a fun experience. On the walls of the small gallery hung local artist’s works, which were food themed.

A lot of the dinner and lunch times were already taken by the time I went to book so we decided to book the 10am to 12pm seating on Saturday. We were greeted by a bubbly Rachel who was a wonderful host and served us mimosas, which were included in the cost of the ticket. We weren’t sure what to expect food-wise but we were pleasantly surprised by what we dined on. I should point out here that B and I and a group of friends were fortunate enough to eat at Chef Todd’s 12B restaurant last year and we absolutely loved it and he continued to impress us this time around.


We started with a delicious 3 melon, blueberry and pear salad, lightly drizzled with a mango dressing and served with a croissant. The salad was a light and refreshing start to a warm day.


The next course was scrambled eggs with yam and apple, a free-range bacon rasher and potatoes. I commented to B that I probably wouldn’t have ordered the eggs in a restaurant as I wasn’t sure that I would like the combination but I would have missed out! The eggs were incredibly innovative and absolutely delicious. The pieces of yam and apple were subtle and the eggs were perfectly seasoned. The bacon was divine (as is usually the case with bacon) and the potato pieces were crunchy and plump at the same time. Yum!


The final course was home-made banana bread that was slightly toasted and topped with Chantilly cream. Fantastic!!

The meal was the perfect size. The great thing about Todd’s cooking is that he doesn’t overload the plate with food. Instead, you get an ideal serving size of interesting, good quality food. It makes you want more but not necessarily need more.

Final Thoughts: What a great concept! I certainly would not have wanted to be in Chef Todd’s sleepy shoes but, as guests, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The food was incredible, the films were fun and the price was a steal. We both left with grins on our faces – our Saturday was off to a great start!