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Yolk’s Breakfast (Food Cart)

10 Oct

In front of Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2L3

Brief Description: A downtown food cart that offers hearty and impressive breakfast/brunch at a decent price.

I love a good, hearty breakfast but it can be a difficult thing to find in Vancouver. I don’t want to have to line-up for a good breakfast, nor do I want to eat my breakfast at a hotel, so I’m happy to tell you about a new place that has popped rolled up to offer a tasty, affordable breakfast. That place is a pastel blue food cart named “Yolk’s Breakfast”. Yolk’s (we are on a first name basis already) has only been open since August and they do amazing things with bacon, eggs, and other breakfast items. You will find them located out the front of Chinatown-Stadium Skytrain station, on Beatty and Dunsmuir.

Menu items that you can expect to find (but check their online menu or Twitter before getting your heart set on a particular item) are Croque Madame “Muffin” (brioche bread, carved ham, béchamel sauce, Gruyere, poached egg), tempura panko avocado sandwiches (also available as tacos for lunch), and honey ham sandwich with egg, Dijon, spinach, and either hollandaise or aged white cheddar. The sandwiches can be made with one or two eggs, and on ciabatta or an English muffin. Prices are extremely affordable with all items under $10.

Steak & Egg Sandwich on Brioche with beer battered onion rings, Stilton and béarnaise sauce.

Double smoked bacon, two poached free-range eggs, fresh arugula and aged white cheddar on ciabatta.

Double smoked bacon, poached free-range egg, fresh arugula and hollandaise on an English muffin.

Roasted organic mushrooms with brie fritters, egg & spinach.

I am absolutely thrilled that I work close to this food cart, meaning that I can get my fill for either breakfast or brunch (they close at 1pm on weekdays). They are open at 7.30am during the week to cater to those heading into the office, but on Saturday they push it out to the more civil time of 10am until 3pm.

Final Thoughts: If you find yourself standing in the ridiculously long line-up for breakfast at Medina Café (just down the street), do yourself a favour and give Yolk’s a try. Be prepared to wait a few minutes for your food, but they will tell you exactly how long you can expect to wait.

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