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Thierry – Beignets de Carnaval

28 Feb

1059 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 1A1

T: 604 608 6870

Brief Description: A sophisticated patisserie (and café, and chocolaterie) that comes to us from veteran local pastry chef, Thierry Busset. Prices aren’t cheap but the quality is worth the splurge.

Have you heard of beignets before? Perhaps I have been living under a rock all my life, but I was not familiar with these deep-fried morsels of goodness until just recently. Beignets are essentially deep-fried dough, commonly served with a sprinkling of icing sugar (powdered sugar) as a dessert, although they can also be served as a savory dish. They originated in France and are extremely popular in New Orleans, however, you won’t have to travel that far to sample them. Thierry, the fancy patisserie/café/chocolaterie located Downtown, is currently in the midst of their “Beignets de Carnaval“. Although there are no circus tents, nor balancing trapeze, you will find piles of freshly fried beignets, ready for the munching. They are served with either melted chocolate, or house-made jam, for $7.95. I popped in to Thierry last night to enjoy my first ever beignets and I was happy indeed. They are basically warm, less-sweet versions of donut-holes, with most of the taste coming from the melted chocolate or the jam (I recommend the jam). Get there before the after-dinner rush to nab a seat – it was packed when I was in there! The carnaval only runs until March 16.


“Is this the macaron bandwagon? Move over, I’m coming onboard!”

27 Oct

It’s confession time. Here it goes: I am only a new-comer to the macaron-craze which seems to have taken Vancouver (dare I say, the world) by storm. Yeah…so I’m kinda slow on crazes. You’ll start to realize that soon. I’m what people call a “late-adopter”. Big time.

When I say I’m a new-comer, I mean the only macarons that I’ve tried are the ones from Thierry Patiserrie. Yeah, I know – lame. But Thierry’s have had quite an impact on me. For example, whilst sitting at work the other day, I realized that I just had to get some of Thierry’s macarons. I even walked in the rain for 30 minutes for them. I get kinda crazy like that when I am craving something. I think that they are so pretty (just look at those colours!) that I wanted to share them with you, along with my awesome hand-made infographic…

Pretty cool infographic, right? I can tell you are impressed. Who needs fancy computer programs when you have a marker and some paper? (Just go along with me on this…)

So my impressions are: the raspberry one is, without a doubt, my favourite. When you get to the real fruit filling it tastes like summer. They all shared the same level of creaminess, which I just loved.

The lime was very subtle in flavour, with just a hint of lime.

The blackberry really had very little distinguishing flavour but it was creamy and delicious nonetheless.

So, as I mentioned, I’m new to the macaron scene but I’d love to hear from you. Where is your favourite place to get macarons?

Thierry Patisserie

17 Sep

1059 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 1A1

T: 604 608 6870

Brief Description: A sophisticated patisserie (and café, and chocolaterie) that comes to us from veteran local pastry chef, Thierry Busset. Prices aren’t cheap but the quality is worth the splurge.

Some of my favourite memories of trips to France are staring at rows and rows of exquisite pastries through the windows of the local patisseries whilst attempting to select just one pastry to indulge in. My sister and I found the decision so tough that we created a plan to select two pastries and then split them between us so that we wouldn’t miss out. Happy times!

When I first walked into Thierry, I was greeted by this:

Instant France flashback! Needless to say, I was at a loss as to what I would order. Thankfully, my sis happened to be with me and so we reverted back to our France plan. Happy times once again!

Thierry is the newest addition to the Top Table Group, who provide us with some of BC’s top dining establishments (West, Blue Water Café, Araxi, to name a few). Thierry, a patisserie/chocolaterie/café amalgamation, is named after pastry chef Thierry Busset who has been in the business for 25 years. With long stints at local restaurants, CinCin and West, as well as experience working at two three-star-Michelin restaurants in Europe, he is most definitely qualified for the job.

As is the theme with the Top Table Group establishments, the space is refined and stylish. Sleek wood features and marble countertops create an elegant space. The café has indoor seating as well as a patio for outdoor dining. As to be expected, prices are not cheap but they are on par with what other local patisseries (e.g. Thomas Haas) are charging.

Besides the sweet delicacies, of which there are ample, sandwiches, quiches, and soup are also available. What sets Thierry apart from other local cafés is:

1/ They are licensed, meaning that you can beef that coffee up with a shot of baileys or whiskey, or whatever takes your fancy, and

2/ They are open until midnight. There are not too many local cafés, if any, that can claim this.

Although I have been impressed with the pastries, in particular the apple tart and the chocolate trio cake, I have found the drinks a little disappointing. The coffee was weak and the homemade sodas too sweet. However, the pastries and cakes are the draw and they do not disappoint.

Macaron-lovers can rejoice – Thierry produces his version of these colourful treats daily but I believe they sell fast so get there early. I can’t review Thierry without making special mention of the apple tart. With thinly sliced apple and flaky, buttery pastry it is otherworldly. A must-order!

You can also purchase packaged confectionaries or chocolates for gifts (or personal enjoyment).

Final Thoughts: Those Vancouverites who are willing to spend on their sweet tooth should be very happy. Thierry fills a hole in the fairly quiet market of high-end patisseries (Thomas Haas and Ganache Patisserie being the obvious contenders). The pastries are spectacular to look at and taste just as impressive. My fingers are crossed that the coffee improves.

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