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The Endless Meal Supper Club & Upcoming Food Events

15 Aug

I love attending unique food events and thankfully I live in a city where they are popping up ever more frequently. I recently discovered another Vancouver underground restaurant (also known as pop-up or guerilla restaurants) called The Endless Meal Supper Club. Essentially it is a private dinner party – you pay the cook, Kristen, $50 per person and in exchange she will cook dinner for you, and your party of 6 to 8 people, in her apartment.

We attended an event last week which took a slightly different approach and it was the “Social. Summer. Dinner” event. Rather than attending with a group of people that you already know, the idea was to purchase a seat at the dinner party with strangers. The concept will appeal to those who enjoy food and, probably more important in this case, socializing. It came across as an amalgamation of the Social Bites events and 12B underground restaurant.

The only non-blurry picture from the whole evening!

We arrived at Kristen’s Gastown apartment at 8pm and met the other four guests that were attending that evening’s dinner. I must admit that this was one of the best social dinners that we have had – everyone at our dinner was incredibly friendly, easy-going, and social. For me, that made the night even more enjoyable than just having a nice meal. You are encouraged to bring your own wine and Kristen lets you know ahead of time what wines will pair best with the meal. With drinks flowing and introductions made, we got down to getting to know everyone whilst Kristen prepared the meal.

The food was served on large platters, to enable sharing, and we started with some bite-sized goat cheese and cucumber hors d’oeuvre before sitting down to our first course, a deliciously gooey roasted provolone with grilled garlic bread for dipping. The main course was a barbecued herb steak, grilled red peppers, parmesan grilled corn on the cob, warm roasted tomatoes, and smashed new potatoes, which I couldn’t get enough of. Dinner concluded with a dessert of warm black plum pie and bourbon scented whipped cream. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the food as it was quite dark in the apartment and my photos didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. This had everything nothing to do with the bottles of wine we were drinking.

Other fun events that I’m really excited about attending in the next few weeks are the Pop-Up Soda Shoppe, which is being held by Swallow Tail Canada, and the Feast of Fields. The Pop-Up Soda Shoppe sounds too good to be true! It is a 1950’s themed dessert festival and will be selling waist-expanding desserts from local purveyors such as Earnest Ice Cream, Cartems Donuts, Beta 5 Chocolatiers, as well as alcoholic ice-cream drinks from a local bartender. $15 gets you entrance but I think you have to purchase the desserts at another cost (it’s not exactly clear on their website).

Cartems Donuts will be in attendance at the Pop-Up Soda Shoppe

This year will mark my first visit to the Feast of Fields. The Feast Bus (a shuttle from downtown out to the cheese farm where the event will be held) makes it possible for me to attend and to enjoy the wine and beer that will be available. I’m really looking forward to strolling around the farm whilst sampling the different foods on offer. Has anyone been before? Do you have any tips for me?