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30 Jul

371 Broadway East
Vancouver, BC
V5T 1W5

T: 604 872 0053
No Website

Brief Description: A cheap, utilitarian sushi restaurant in East Vancouver. Innovative menu items and good quality fish make this a great sushi choice in the ‘hood. It is fast becoming one of my personal favourites for consistency.

I recently wrote a review about The Eatery, a funky sushi hang-out on West Broadway. And although I still love The Eatery, another sushi establishment has steadily crept its way to the top of my favourite’s list. That place is Sushiyama, a small, unpretentious and, almost unnoticeable, restaurant in East Van.


Inconspicuously situated amongst nail bars, a martial arts studio and a Money Mart, Sushiyama’s home is on the corner of East Broadway and Brunswick Street. The area is a little rough around the edges and, in truth, if I hadn’t heard rave reviews from friends there would have been no way that I would have ventured inside. The interior of the restaurant is decorated simply and very no-frills. It is clean and comfortable but funky or design-focused it is not. However, none of that matters. What you go there for is the taste of the sushi and oh my, does it taste good! The combination of fresh tasting sushi and cheap prices has B and I now returning regularly. And as someone who doesn’t particularly like sushi all that much it should be quite obvious how impressive Sushiyama is from the fact that I am raving about it.

The servers are awfully cute and very friendly and polite. On occasion it can be a little difficult to place your order due to the language barrier but it isn’t a major problem. The food will generally come out as it is made and so you won’t always get things at the same time, which is how we prefer it. Prices are refreshingly cheap. We usually end up spending about $30 to $35 for the two of us, including drinks, and we are always (always!!) bursting at the seams when we leave. On every occasion that I have been there, I’ve always waddled away with a full belly, completely impressed by the quality of the food.


We usually start our meal with a wakame salad for B. His eyes roll back in glee whilst his chopsticks dance around the bowl to pick up every last morsel of seaweed.


Next up we usually order the sushi pizza. Yes, you read that correctly – sushi pizza. They take a rice base disc and fry it so that it is served warm and slightly crunchy. A mayo mix is spread over the rice base to act as the tomato paste and then a bed of crab meat is added. This is then topped with pieces of fresh salmon and tuna. Visually, it is gorgeous and taste wise, it is amazing. You must try it even if it is just to say that you’ve tried sushi pizza.



I won’t go into all of the rolls that they have there but some of my favourite rolls are Monkey Tear, Red Dragon (the salmon on this is incredible), Salifornia Roll and the Caterpillar Roll.


The Caterpillar Roll is made with such care that it is served to look like an actual caterpillar! We always make comment that the avocado that wraps over the caterpillar roll is consistently fresh and ripe.

Final Thoughts: Wow! Who would have thought that this non-sushi lover (generally) would actually be excited about eating sushi?! The freshness of the fish and the fact that there seems to be a quick turnover of the seafood is a big plus for me. They are open quite late – I believe most nights until 11pm or midnight, except for Sunday’s when they aren’t open at all. Definitely worth a visit if you are in this part of the ‘hood.

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