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Pig on the Street – Food Cart

14 May

Outside of the Art Gallery
Howe Street, between Robson and West Georgia
Vancouver, BC
V7Y 1K8

No telephone

Brief Description: It’s a food cart. It sells bacon wraps. Enough said.

It is unusual for me to visit a new food find three times in less than a week but that is exactly what happened this week when I discovered “Pig on the Street”, one of the newest food carts to be added to the successful food cart program in Vancouver. It doesn’t take a genius to put the words “pig” and “bacon” together – yup, we now have a cart that trades in bacon. Woo hoo!

Krissy and Mark run the bright pink food truck that can be found nestled between other food carts outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Bacon sandwiches are very common in the UK – when I lived there I definitely ate my fair share and they truly are a great hangover cure. But after eating the “Pig on the Street” bacon wraps, I can vouch that they shouldn’t just be consumed when you have a hangover.


The cart sells five different wraps, and all but one, have the common theme of containing bacon. Their one vegetarian option substitutes grilled halloumi (an ingredient I don’t think gets enough use here in Vancouver) for the bacon. The wraps are all $8.95 (including taxes) and are made with their very own handmade flatbreads. The four bacon flatbread wraps are:

  • PigLT, which is my favourite, is filled with double-smoked bacon, cheddar, avocado, tomato, greens, and a bacon maple mayo.
  • Southern Piggy, is filled with double-smoked bacon, cheddar, roasted corn, grilled peppers, greens, drizzled with bourbon BBQ sauce and finished with chipotle mayo. (I really liked this one too!)
  • The Porker contains double-smoked bacon, sausage and bacon stuffing with sage and apple, goat gouda, greens, and apple and cider chutney.
  • Piggy Blues is made with double-smoked bacon, blue cheese, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onion mayo, and greens.

As mentioned earlier, there is a veggie option, No Piggy, which is made with halloumi and I believe there is a breakfast wrap on weekends (at least there was last weekend) which was filled with a scotch egg and bacon. The Brits will love that one! For me, the best part is the bacon – they try to source locally and use humane bacon – and they cook it just perfectly. It is a little crispy yet with a chewy texture. Yum!

Southern Piggy

Final Thoughts: I love what “Pig on the Street” is doing. It is such a simple concept but so well executed that it’s hard not to love it. Be prepared to wait if it is sunny – the line-ups this week have been increasing with word getting out and the sun sticking around.

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