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Meat and Bread – Photo Visit – March 2012

3 Apr

370 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2N4

T: 604 566 9003

Brief Description: Meat and Bread is an extremely popular sandwich shop in Gastown (opposite Victory Square). Go for the offerings of tender roasted-meat sandwiches as that is basically all they offer.

I have been to Meat and Bread many times but surprisingly B has never visited. He wanted to go there for lunch on Saturday and so we braved the long line of hungry patrons to get our sandwiches. B ordered the crowd-pleaser, the porchetta sandwich, and I ordered the meatball sandwich, which had a touch of spice to it thanks to the sambal. I couldn’t help but laugh at how many other people were taking pictures of their lunch – this must be a popular spot for foodies.

The Meatball Sandwich

 The Porchetta Sandwich

Make sure you are prepared to wait for your sandwich if you turn up around lunch-time. Meat & Bread is a great, fairly cheap (under $10) lunch spot for carnivores.


Meat and Bread

3 Nov

370 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2N4

T: 604 566 9003

Brief Description: Meat and Bread is a sandwich shop that quietly opened in Gastown (opposite Victory Square) last week and has since become the talk of the town with their offerings of tender roasted-meat sandwiches.

As the name suggests Meat and Bread’s specialty is meat-filled sandwiches: chewy ciabatta bread filled with warm carved-on-the-spot roasted meat. They have taken the approach of keeping the menu limited to ensure that the few items that they do offer are done well. The menu consists of only four sandwiches (three meat options and one grilled cheese), two soups and salad.

Some of the meat selections change daily but the porchetta sandwich seems to be a constant and has been receiving rave reviews (think succulent pieces of pork, punctuated with crispy pork rind and a tangy salsa verde and you’ll understand why). Extra flavour can be added with the accompanying dollops of delicious house-made mustard and hot-sauce.

The space is elegantly simple and is the perfect blend of femininity meets masculinity. Detailed wallpaper in soft colours can be found alongside an old-fashioned boxing bag. For those dining in, long, intricate wooden tables provide respite and a front row seat to stare longingly at the slabs of roasted meats.

Considering that it is only the first week service was on its best behaviour and was extremely attentive, thorough and friendly. I suppose that this is to be expected from owners who have worked in local dining favourites, such as Chambar, Feenie’s and La Brassiere.

Prices are fair – around $8 for a sandwich and around $4 to $5 for a side of soup or salad. Sure, some people are going to grumble that that is expensive “just for a sandwich” but how often do you get a warm sandwich made from roasted (not deli) meat that is being carved right in front of your eyes? Exactly. It’s worth the money.

Final Thoughts: I will definitely be popping back in to see how this place fares. If the first week and the line-ups are anything to go by, Meat and Bread is exactly what the carnivores of Gastown have been craving.

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