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Lolita’s Restaurant

23 Aug

1326 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 1N6

T: 604 696 9996

Brief Description: Creative Mexican food served in a intimate, cozy restaurant with a welcoming vibe. Great drinks menu and decent food at a mid-range price.

I live in the West End and some night’s I struggle to think of good places to eat at that are close to home (Robson and Denman’s Asian restaurants aside). Davie Street dining offerings are particularly disappointing. The street is lined with a lot of mediocre places that just aren’t worthy of a repeat visit. In my opinion, Lolita’s is one of the few exceptions.

Everyone has an opinion about what they consider the best Mexican food in Vancouver. From the few Mexican places that I have tried, Lolita’s is my personal favourite. With interesting food combination’s and the use of unusual ingredients, Lolita’s offers a fusion of Mexican and West-Coast. You can expect Mexican staples, such as taco’s and enchilada’s, but with an innovative twist. The drinks menu offers inventive exotic drinks and a list of beers that are a refreshing change from the usual line-up.


Decorated with a tiki-hut meets Mexican cantina feel, the atmosphere is intimate, dark and cozy. It isn’t a large place so tables are squished pretty close together. You are usually so close to the next table that it is inevitable that you will brush elbows with the strangers next to you or you will be able to do a bit of eaves-dropping on their conversation. With this in mind, Lolita’s isn’t really an ideal place for a first-date or a private one-on-one dinner. Prices are a little on the over-priced side so be prepared to pay more than what you would likely pay at other Mexican restaurants around town. The attractive staff are laid-back and extremely friendly but, on occasion, the service can be a little lacking.


The home-made guacamole and bean dip is a must-have. It is fresh and comes with warm chili-dusted tortilla chips for dipping. This is some pretty damn tasty guacamole and I have to try and show some restraint when I order this or risk not being able to fit anything else in.

As I already mentioned, the service can be a little off the mark. An example of this is that on my last visit what I ordered, and what I actually got, were two completely different things. I had ordered two taco’s; one with chicken and the other was a vegetable special. I ended up with two taco’s but one was filled with the Carne Asade (grilled steak) with fresh Pico de Gallo and the other was Ground Beef and Chorizo with Pomegranate Demi-glaze. They actually looked very appealing and so I didn’t mention the mix-up and, instead, tucked into two very delicious taco’s. I particularly enjoyed the Ground Beef and Chorizo taco. The Pomegranate Demi-glaze was the highlight, just adding the right amount of sweetness to the meat. The ingredient’s used to make the taco’s tasted extremely fresh and I devoured the whole plate of food.


B’s dish of Gaucho Steak was less satisfying. It had all the makings of a good meal; flat iron steak, grilled serrano chimichuri butter, Oaxaca cheese & avocado red nugget potato mash with buttermilk battered onion rings. However, something was lost in the execution and it fell flat. It wasn’t cheap either, so that made it extra disappointing.


Final Thoughts: Overall, I really enjoy Lolita’s. Service can be a bit hit-or-miss and the food is a little on the pricey side, but with the right combination of atmosphere, good food and an varied drink menu, Lolita’s is one of the better restaurant’s in the West End.

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