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Photo Visit – Kintaro Ramen – May 2013

27 May

788 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC
V6G 2L5

When I moved to Canada six years ago, I honestly didn’t know much about Vancouver but I came equipped with a Lonely Planet and a Time Out guide and got to learning more. I studied the dining out section of the Time Out guide and endeavoured to visit the restaurants and cafés that I was reading about (I would even check them off in the book after each visit). One of the places that I read about that stood out in my mind was Kintaro Ramen. Having not eaten ramen before arriving in Vancouver, I knew that this would be one of the first places that I would visit (and it was). When I lived in the West End, I would frequent Kintaro Ramen with my sister because the tasty bowls of broth and noodles were warming on cold Vancouver nights, and they were cheap.

Years later, I have now eaten ramen all across the city and Kintaro Ramen’s light doesn’t burn as bright for me as it did all those years ago. Yes, you can still get a delicious bowl of salty ramen but is it still the best in the city? I will leave that argument for the ramen-aficionados of the city. Regardless of its ranking, I returned a few nights ago to the busy, cramped ramen joint on Denman and it would seem as though nothing has changed. There is a still a queue. The service is still spotty and hurried. The prices are still cheap.

Pan Fried Gyoza

Miso ramen

Shio Ramen