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Photo Visit – Jules Bistro – September 2012

22 Sep

216 Abbott Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2K8

T: 604 669 0033

My vacation is now over and I have many photos to edit, and many food stories to tell. However, it is going to take some time to gather my thoughts on our New York experience as we not only hit almost every place we had on our list, but we also had the best meal of our lives there, and I want to do that experience justice. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some pictures from our recent dinner at Jules Bistro, here in Vancouver.

We were originally trying to get a table at the newly opened, Wildebeest, but after being told that the wait was 3 hours we cut our losses and moved on. Having not been back to Jules Bistro in quite some time (really, it was too long), we managed to sneak a seat at the bar on a busy Saturday night.

The menu contains exactly what you’d expect from a quintessential French bistro – traditional French fare, such as duck confit, moules frites, and escargots. Although the service was a little rusty (in fairness, it was really busy), the food was a pleasant surprise.

Yarrow Meadows Farm Duck Confit, Frisee Salad with Bacon and Roasted Pine nuts $22

Seared Pork Chop, Dijon Cream, Braised Savoy Cabbage and Honey Glazed Carrots – $23

The bistro interior is painfully cute, with rustic brick walls, a black and white tiled floor, and dimly lit chandeliers. It is a definite date-spot that will win you big points. Try to book ahead. I will be making an effort to return to Jules soon. With the cooler weather encroaching, I can’t think of a more perfect time to enjoy hearty, traditional French food.

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