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First Glance – Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant – August 2012

27 Aug

551 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2C2

T: 604 681 9168

Surprisingly, I had never stepped foot into one of Vancouver’s most well-known lunch establishments, Joyeaux Cafe, until last week. I had heard about it but I’ve never worked close enough to Howe Street to make lunch there a reality. A friend and I decided to take on the crazy crowds at Joyeaux on Friday for lunch (the picture below is from Saturday – much quieter!). Although our experience was chaotic and rushed, my lemongrass chicken on rice with a spring roll was really tasty and at $8 it was really cheap, so I can see the appeal with this place.

After coffee at Revolver on Saturday morning, B and I were doing our usual “where to go for brunch” dance, which basically consists of us suggesting and rejecting places until we both come to an agreement. Because neither of us felt like a ‘traditional’ breakfast I offered up Joyeaux in the hopes that I could try some more of their extensive menu. Seriously, this place has so many different things on the menu that it is a little overwhelming. They do have the regular breakfast, such as pancakes and eggs, but we wanted their Vietnamese food so we both ordered the wonton soup with a Vietnamese sub on the side.

The soup was really good and, based on that, I will definitely be heading back to try more of the multitude of soups they have an offer. The grilled chicken sub was good but I have had better subs in Vancouver. The sub and soup deal was less than $10 each and was very substantial. They also do Vietnamese coffee, which is always a plus in my books.

From my experience, and from what friends have told me, I’d probably only go back to Joyeaux in the evening (open weekdays until 9pm) or on the weekend. I’d just prefer to not have to deal with the throngs of hungry office-workers all doing the lunch rush at the exact same time.

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