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Photo Visit – Hawksworth – January 2013

13 Jan

801 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3L2

T: 604 673 7000

It was my birthday this week (hip hip hooray!) and as has become tradition, B took me for dinner at a restaurant of my choice. Last year we visited West for my birthday and for B’s birthday we dined at Blue Water Cafe. This year I chose a restaurant that has gotten a lot of press but one that we haven’t eaten dinner at before – I chose Hawksworth.

I have had mixed lunch and brunch experiences at Hawksworth so this was a chance to really run them through the gauntlet to see how they compare against the other notable fine dining restaurants in the city. We both ordered the tasting menu with the wine flights for $134 each, as well as some oysters and an appetizer. We wanted to sample as much of the food as we could, and admittedly, the food was actually very good – the only notable criticisms that I had was that the oysters we ordered had a lot of broken shell throughout, the pheasant breast was a bit dry, and the veal confit cheek tasted a bit cool for my liking (it felt like most of the heat was coming from the surrounding gnocchi). However, both foie gras dishes were superb – my favourite dish of the night was easily the foie gras parfait (which we ordered off the appetizer menu). It reminded me of The French Laundry’s foie gras en terrine, which was one of the best things that I ate last year. I would definitely go back just for this dish – the foie gras candy floss was very innovative and I can honestly say that I’ve not eaten anything like that before. I also enjoyed the pheasant ravioli and the tuna tartare.

My only really concern was that the service was a little off. The intent was there – they were very thorough with the “mademoiselles” and the “sirs” (perhaps a little too much?), and they were very helpful and knowledgeable but a few things were forgotten such as a bottle of prosecco that we had ordered, as well as a napkin. These were just small things, and certainly nothing that ruined the meal, but they were noticed.

Price-wise, Hawksworth is not cheap. Entrees start at about $30 and appetizers are around the $20 mark. I would likely go back and order from the entrees menu, heck, I’d go back just for the foie gras parfait, but I wasn’t wowed as much as I have been with the Top Table restaurants, such as West, Araxi, and Blue Water.

Foie Gras Croquetas with Cherry and Hazelnut

Foie Gras Parfait – $20 (from regular menu)

Tuna Tartare


Venison Cheek Confit

Pheasant 2 ways

Dark chocolate veloute

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