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Cibo Trattoria (Photo Post)

22 Aug

900 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3L9

T: 604 602 9570

Another restaurant that I recently had the pleasure of eating at was Cibo Trattoria. This was my first, and only, visit to Cibo so I won’t be reviewing it until after another visit or two.

I was having fun playing around with my new camera so here are a few snaps of the food that we ate. Yes, all of this food was just for B and I. We are self-confessed pigs and we need help. By the way, the liver was B’s choice. I have learnt that it doesn’t matter how nicely you cook it, or even if you serve it with crispy pancetta goodness, liver is still liver. Ugh.

First course:

Second course:

Main courses:


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