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Chocoholic Buffet at Fleuri in Sutton Place Hotel

23 Feb

845 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2K6

T: 604 642 2900

Brief Description: Yes, you read correctly – a Chocolate Buffet! Set in the elegant Fleuri at Sutton Place, this is truly an indulgence.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a sweet tooth. I have never been able to (or really wanted to) grow out of my constant desire for sweet things – I just love them! So, when I heard that there is an actual all-you-can-eat Chocolate Buffet and it is located mere blocks away from my apartment, it was as though all of my childhood dreams had come true! The way it works is that there are two seatings; one at 6.00pm and one at 8.30pm and it only runs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The cost is $28 per head ($14 for children) and I was determined to eat my $28 worth!

I was able to easily entice 3 other chocolate lovers (all female, of course!) to come with me and we excitedly trotted to Sutton Place, ready to indulge. We were all brimming with excitement – I’m glad that I wasn’t alone in my state of childhood exhilaration. It really is true that most women go weak in the knees for chocolate.


As you walk into the room, your nose is met with the smell of chocolate. Your saliva glands start working over time. You crane your neck to take a glance over to the table in the middle of the room, and you gasp…“There it is!”… a chocolate smorgasbord is laid out in front of you for the taking. Of course you go through the niceties of politely taking your seat and allowing others to go first (“I’ll mind the bags”), when really; all you want to do is jump on to that table! Laid out before you is an assortment of chocolate delicacies; cakes, slices, puddings, pastries, a chocolate fondue fountain with pieces of fresh fruit (ummm, what are they doing in here!?). And to complete the experience, a chef is standing by to make you fresh crepes with a variety of different toppings, sauces and ice-creams or sorbets.


I honestly felt like a child-hood dream had come true. Overall, I was quite impressed with the quality of the food. Most of the time, I am let down by the quality at buffets (although, strangely, I still find myself drawn back to them 🙂 ) but this was actually good.

There was a great selection of treats for all tastes; rocky road slice, chocolate croissant pudding, chocolate-stuffed profiteroles, white chocolate cake, mousse, marbled cheesecake, chocolate-coated shortbread cookies, chocolate and pecan pie…the list goes on. I did devour quite a lot of chocolate so towards the end I was a little chocolate-d out but that is when I switched my focus to the crepes. I had two of them and coated them with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Mmmmm! It gave me the savoury taste that I needed to bring me down from my chocolate high.


Final Thoughts: This was a really fun experience. Obviously, it’s not something that you’d do all the time but I’d definitely recommend it if you can gather a bunch of girlfriends for a special occasion or maybe finish the night with a movie across the street.

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