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First Glance – Cafe Bica – August 2012

17 Aug

1809 Fir Street
Vancouver, BC
V6J 5E2

T: 604 733 8818

Cafe Bica, the stylish coffee shop close to Granville Island, has me puzzled. I’ve been to this cute cafe a handful of times and my most recent visit was the first time I had a seamless experience. The service used to be slow, unfriendly, and a visit there was usually marked with customer service errors ranging from forgotten coffees, to incorrect food orders. Even though he was aware of the poor service, B has been a frequent visitor of theirs and has said that things have been turning around, for the better, lately. Based on my most recent experience, I’d have to agree.

You probably want to know why I would keep going back if the service was so poor? Well, truthfully, I’ll put up with a lot for a decent cup of coffee and a yummy breakfast. In my experience I have received both, good food and good coffee, from Cafe Bica. I like their breakfast menu which has simple hot food – a far cry from the usual cling-wrapped breakfast wraps or muffins found in other coffee shops. They offer soft poached eggs with soldiers, quality breakfast sandwiches (no cling-wrap!), poached eggs on toast, and it appears that they have just started selling Cadeaux baked goods (I love Cadeaux!).

Latte Art

Chorizo Sandwich

Poached Egg on Vegetable Tartine

Cadeaux’s Blueberry Custard Danish

I truly hope, for their sake, that their service has indeed improved. Vancouver needs all the good non-chain coffee shops it can get. I’ll keep popping back to see if the improvements are consistent or fleeting, but for now, I am a fan.

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