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Bella Gelateria

16 Dec

1001 W. Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 0B7

Brief Description: Heaven in a cone. A relatively new gelati store in downtown Vancouver that passionately produces authentic, handmade gelati from natural, quality ingredients.

There are some places that open to so much acclaim that they become victims of their own popularity. I often find that, because of all the hype, my expectations have been built so high that when I finally visit, I am usually disappointed. I am so happy that this wasn’t the case with Bella Gelateria.

If you are a foodie in Vancouver, then you’ve heard of Bella Gelateria. If you aren’t, then you need to know about it. So far, this is the best ice-cream that I’ve had in Vancouver – easily. No competition. Nothing else comes close.

Food is (of course) my favourite thing about visiting Italy and it comes as no surprise, that gelato became an addiction for me on my visits to Italy. Confession time; I’m talking about stuffing my face with a minimum of two, possibly three, gelato a day – I just couldn’t get enough of the stuff. And those Italians make it so desirable – displays of fluffy gelati, whipped up into waves, in a rainbow of colours, all adorned with slices of fruit or a scattering of nuts. The Italians know how to make seriously good gelati and so it makes sense that they would open a gelati university (yes, I’m serious). And Bella Gelateria’s owner, James, is an alumni.

The small, stylish store has opened up on the corner of West Cordova and Burrard Streets, near the new Fairmont Pacific Rim. Inside, you will not find the rows of whispy gelati peaks, like those in Italy. Instead, you will find rows of stainless steel tubs covered with lids (this is to keep the temperature exact). It is underneath those lids that you will find numerous varieties of authentic, innovative gelati. The flavours will impress you, but not as much as the quality. Personally, what I think makes this gelati so tasty is the quality of the ingredients. Bella Gelateria uses only Avalon organic milk and sources high quality ingredients from BC, California, and even from as far away as Italy. They also use only natural ingredients and do not add any preservatives. Just pure and simple. And the proof is in the taste.

There are many flavours on the regular menu, as well as daily additions of new and interesting flavours. Some of these are experiments by James, others are tried and true recipes. For the Christmas period, for example, they have candy cane gelato on offer. Yum! My favourites are the dairy based gelato but you will also find sorbets, for those that prefer a lighter treat. With so many different flavours, you are likely to find something for even the fussiest of taste-buds.

Final Thoughts: Oh man! The arrival of Bella Gelateria really, really excites me. The gelati is incredible and Vancouverites deserve to experience real gelati. I would go as far as to say that this could be a disaster (for my figure) but thankfully, I am unable to get down to that area very often so it will, unfortunately, stay an occasional treat. You must try Bella Gelateria!

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