12 Days of Cookies – Gooey Butter Cake Cookies – Day 3

3 Dec

Day 3 of the “12 Days of Cookies” challenge and I hope that you don’t think that I’m eating all of these cookies myself?! I’m sorry to inform you that I’m not, in fact, inhaling a dozen or so cookies a day. I am actually currently making an effort to reduce my sugar intake (so why do a cookie challenge then? I have no good response to that question), so I’ve been taking them into work and they have been gobbled up every day. What is great about this (besides my waistline not expanding) is that I’m getting real-time feedback. 

What surprised me was that these gooey butter cake cookies, from the Dessert for Two blog, got some pretty good reviews from my colleagues. They loved the “gooey” factor. I felt that they were a little plain for me. They just weren’t memorable enough for me to attempt to bake them again, however, feedback tells me that these were actually quite successful. So, if you have some cream cheese left over in the fridge (maybe from baking the yummy Raspberry Cream Cheese Pastries from yesterday) perhaps give them a try.

Like Day 2’s cookie, these need to rest in the fridge before baking so keep that in mind if you do attempt them. These cookies are quite forgiving in that the icing sugar covered up what would have been some very plain looking cookies. You gotta love that.


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