Vancouver International Wine Festival

11 Feb

My first experience at the Vancouver International Wine Festival was not a good one. I attended with my sister, years ago, and I can pretty much sum it up with a warning – “Eat before you go”. My memories of the night are very hazy but I did remember enough to go on a month-long detox after attending. It took some time before I could drink white wine again without feeling nauseous. Yeah…it was that kinda night. A classy wine connoisseur it would seem I was not.

Times have changed, I hope, and I am feeling that I can pace myself enough to return to the Wine Festival this month. I am more excited by this year’s festival than previous years because this year they are showcasing France as the theme country and bubbles as the focus. My dreams have come true! As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I LOVE bubbles!! A lot of people save bubbles for special occasions but I’m one of the odd few that actually enjoys drinking it whenever I get a chance.

When I found out that the wine of focus this year is bubbles, it was a no-brainer for me to buy tickets for the International Festival Tasting Room. Apparently there will be 780 wines from 14 countries and more than 110 different “expressions” of bubbles; Champagne, Cavas, Prosecco, Crémants…I do believe I have found heaven.

France, the theme country for 2014.

Make sure to get your tickets ASAP here as they have already sold out for the Saturday night. And don’t be like the old me: eat before you go and pace yourself! If you do go, you’ll find me at one of the many wineries serving bubbles and if I look like I’m not pacing myself, just keep walking. 😉


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