Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food, London Heathrow

28 Oct

Terminal 5
London Heathrow Airport

After months of planning and anticipation, our trip to Paris and Italy is now all but a memory and some photographs. We’ve just returned from three glorious weeks exploring Europe whilst eating and drinking whatever, and whenever, we wanted. We are now back in our lovely Vancouver and digesting (ha ha!) everything that we saw and the memories that we created. It will take me some time to edit pictures and write posts but for now I’ll leave you with the first meal that we had in Europe. Whilst waiting for our flight at London Heathrow’s Terminal 5, we were able to assure our taste buds that not all food tastes as disappointing as the plane food we had eaten on the flight over.

Love him or hate him, Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food restaurant is a pretty clever concept. If you have time between flights, you can have a meal in the terminal that doesn’t include over-priced, soggy sandwiches (typical of so many airports), or if you have limited time, you can take-away meals to eat whilst on your flight (a brilliant idea, in my opinion). We had a few hours to kill before our flight to Paris so we kicked back, had a glass of wine and had a three course lunch for £19.95/$33CAD (two courses are £16.95/$29CAD).

Roasted beef carpaccio, rocket, horseradish, and lemon)

White onion and haddock soup

P1070803Cured and braised pork belly with apple and fennel salad and celeriac mash

P1070805Pineapple carpaccio

Overall, I thought it was definitely worth the price and certainly a great way to pass an hour or so. The restaurant isn’t the same high-end Gordon experience that you would get at his fine-dining restaurants, which is not at all surprising because he is trying to attract a different, less-formal customer-base at this restaurant. Go and enjoy it for what it is; well-prepared food at a pretty good price. It was a great way to relax into the start of our trip.


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