Photo Visit – The Acorn – August 2013

21 Aug

3995 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
V5V 3P3

T: 604 566 9001

I am extremely grateful that summer in Vancouver this year has been epic! We broke the record for the driest July EVER and we have had vast amounts of sunshine. Needless to say, I’ve been out enjoying the great outdoors, as well as indulging in the bounties that the season brings (fresh berries, anyone?).

The Acorn is quite easily one of my favourite places in Vancouver for a meal. The menu is unique, seasonal, and vegetarian (no, I’m not vegetarian but it’s nice to get some well-prepared veggies into my diet every so often). I try to visit each season to sample what is new on the menu and, with an abundance of tasty and interesting vegetables, summer would have to be my favourite season. I popped in recently for dinner with my sister and was pleasantly surprised that we got a table almost immediately (at about 8pm on a Wednesday). You may remember from my other reviews that The Acorn doesn’t accept reservations, so plan accordingly.

The Acorn Summer Harvest (tempura zucchini blossoms, potatoes, corn, in a chanterelle butter sauce) – $19

P1070661Chanterelle Summer Salad (marinated chanterelles, green beens, Camembert, walnuts, roasted garlic vinaigrette) – $9 for half-serve

Dessert special: Sage roasted Okanagan apricots, spritzed with bourbon, with white chocolate frozen yogurt – $8 (?)

The summer harvest plate, which changes daily, was out-standing! I’m a complete sucker for zucchini blossoms so these, paired with the freshness of mixed local produce and a delightful chanterelle sauce, pushed me over the edge! It is dishes like this that make The Acorn a must-visit because although the ingredients are fairly simple, when mixed together and finished with a quality sauce, they become anything but simple.

The chanterelle summer salad was good, but I’d likely order the tomato salad next time over this salad, as I have very fond memories of the tomato salad from last summer. Finally, the dessert, which was bourbon-spritzed roasted Okanagan apricots, was a light and simple ending to the meal. It satisfied the craving for dessert without being heavy or sickly sweet.

I highly recommend a visit to The Acorn before they make the switch to their fall menu, particularly if you’ve not been before. The chefs are masters in showcasing the seasons best produce.


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