Photo Visit – Suika Snackbar – June 2013

5 Jun

1626 West Broadway (at Fir)
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1X6

T: 604 730 1678

Brief Description: Suika is a stylish, modern izakaya with a fun atmosphere. Prices are reasonable with most dishes under $10, except for a few meat or sushi dishes.

A visit to Suika was well overdue and so I popped in for dinner last night with B and my sister. What I like about Suika is that it is cheap, cheerful (no, seriously, the staff are cheerful), and fast. What I, personally, don’t like about it is that I find that most of the food is very strong in flavour. Like smack-you-in-the-mouth-full-of-flavour. That’s great if you prefer intense tastes (B does, for example) but if you are into more subtle flavours (like I am) it can be a little much. For example, the hellz chicken (which does tell you upfront that it is hot) was very vinegary and spicy – that’s fine I expected that. But the oxtail ramen is very salty, the pork belly bibimbap had a strong shrimp flavour, and the beef filet fried rice was packed with garlic. I’m not telling you that these things are bad – you may very well like strong flavours – I’m simply pointing out that this might not be for everyone.

They do have a fairly recent addition of a patio, which captures the sun very well, but the location on busy West Broadway may make it a bit difficult for chatting. I still find Suika a fun spot with some interesting dishes and recommend it as a fun weekend spot, when the restaurant is even more lively than usual.

I love the Corn Kakiage – $4.80

Hellz Chicken 

Beef Filet Fried Rice – $11

Pork Belly Bibimbap – $8.80


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