Photo Visit – Kintaro Ramen – May 2013

27 May

788 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC
V6G 2L5

When I moved to Canada six years ago, I honestly didn’t know much about Vancouver but I came equipped with a Lonely Planet and a Time Out guide and got to learning more. I studied the dining out section of the Time Out guide and endeavoured to visit the restaurants and cafés that I was reading about (I would even check them off in the book after each visit). One of the places that I read about that stood out in my mind was Kintaro Ramen. Having not eaten ramen before arriving in Vancouver, I knew that this would be one of the first places that I would visit (and it was). When I lived in the West End, I would frequent Kintaro Ramen with my sister because the tasty bowls of broth and noodles were warming on cold Vancouver nights, and they were cheap.

Years later, I have now eaten ramen all across the city and Kintaro Ramen’s light doesn’t burn as bright for me as it did all those years ago. Yes, you can still get a delicious bowl of salty ramen but is it still the best in the city? I will leave that argument for the ramen-aficionados of the city. Regardless of its ranking, I returned a few nights ago to the busy, cramped ramen joint on Denman and it would seem as though nothing has changed. There is a still a queue. The service is still spotty and hurried. The prices are still cheap.

Pan Fried Gyoza

Miso ramen

Shio Ramen


One Response to “Photo Visit – Kintaro Ramen – May 2013”

  1. Alice Q. Kirk June 21, 2013 at 8:30 am #

    I’m not sure what the big deal about this place. I lived in Japan for 9 years and ate ramen often enough. I doubt if this place would be popular in Japan… I had the miso ramen. The Chashu (meat) looked like it was cut by a blind person. The amount of noodles was acceptable and the soup is oily enough. Not that much vegetables… there’s really nothing special about this place that would make me want to go back again… and what the hell is that “Louisiana” type hot sauce doing the counter? Just another average tasting ramen shop.

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