Vancouver’s Sweet Side – Part 2 – Ice Cream

23 Feb

First up on my Guide to Vancouver’s Sweet Side was donuts. If you have finished digesting those, we are moving on to ice cream, gelati, and sorbetto!

Although I have a weakness for good ice cream, I don’t splurge as often as I’d like as Vancouver’s weather doesn’t typically allow for indulgences of the cold variety. However, when those few hard-earned months of summer finally peek out from behind grey clouds, I find myself heading straight for these local favourites.

Bella Gelateria (Downtown)
1001 W. Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC

Inside the small, stylish gelateria you won’t be greeted with rows of whispy gelati peaks, like the ones you find in Italy. Instead, you will find a large menu and rows of stainless steel tubs covered with lids (this is to keep the temperature exact). It is underneath those lids that lies a variety of authentic, innovative gelati. Personally, what I think makes this gelati so tasty is the quality of the ingredients. Bella Gelateria uses only Avalon organic milk and sources high quality ingredients from BC, California, and some from as far away as Italy. They also use only natural ingredients and do not add any preservatives. Just pure and simple. And the proof is in the taste.

Earnest Ice Cream
No fixed address (see below)

Perhaps you prefer to eat your ice cream in the privacy of your own home? If so, Earnest Ice Cream is for you! Pints of their delicious home-made ice cream are sold direct at the Vancouver farmer’s markets or through select retailers, such as The Dirty Apron (a full list of retailers is on their website). With Earnest, it is all about the ingredients (seems like this is always the case with good ice cream) as they don’t use artificial colours or flavours, preferring to use whole food ingredients, with a focus on seasonal ingredients. New flavours are always popping up but I’m a huge fan of the traditional flavours; chocolate or Tahitian vanilla.

Earnest Blueberry Cheesecake

Gelateria Dolce Amore (Commerical Drive)
1588 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

I hadn’t heard about this place until a friend recommended this impressive, little Commercial Drive hot-spot. It really is hidden away on Commercial but if you venture inside, you will be greeted with tubs of colourful, hand-crafted gelati and sorbetto. As is the case with all of the places I have chosen, there is a focus on seasonal flavours, whilst also keeping the traditional flavours that you’d expect. Don’t go in expecting “over 500 flavours!!” like other places – these guys stick to small batches.


One Response to “Vancouver’s Sweet Side – Part 2 – Ice Cream”

  1. jonathanochart February 24, 2013 at 10:01 am #

    That ice cream looks so delicious and creamy! And don’t get me started on the cheesecake flavored one…ha thanks for sharing!


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