Photo Visit – Diva at the Met – January 2013

12 Feb

645 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2Y9

T: 604 602 7788

I recently went for lunch at Diva at the Met with a foodie friend of mine. It was my first visit to Diva as I generally don’t give much thought to lunching at hotel restaurants. I was easily persuaded when I saw their menu – any place that does a gourmet corn dog is worth a visit in my books.

Although this was my first visit, Diva at the Met has been around since 1996 – not a bad stint for a local Vancouver restaurant – and is located in The Metropolitan Hotel. With a heavy lean towards seafood, the lunch menu was a little limited for my liking, although there were the usual pasta, pizza, and burger options to choose from. The dining room was a little unusual as it is spread out over a few levels, rather than just one room, and the decor was unmemorable.

I started with their Diva Roll; which was a tempura nori roll with smoked black cod, shiso leaf, and ponzu, for $12. In a city with excellent sushi options, it was satisfactory but certainly not the highlight.

Diva RollDiva corn dog

I was more intrigued by the food truck inspired section of the menu and couldn’t look past the Diva Corn Dog, which was a gourmet sausage made with foie gras, sweet breads, and bone marrow. It was finished with truffle mayo, grainy mustard, home-made sauerkraut, and thrice cooked kenebec fries. I was captivated by the fact that they had a corn dog on the menu because, when I was a kid, these were my favourite carnival treats (although we called them dagwood dogs in Australia).

After only a few bites of Diva’s corn dog, my stomach was revolting at how incredibly rich the deep-fried sausage was so I only managed to finish half of it. But if your stomach can handle rich foods better than mine, then this dish would be worth ordering for the novelty alone. Admit it, you are now thinking “Huh, a gourmet corn dog?! I wonder what that tastes like.”

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