Mars Bar Battle – US vs. UK

19 Dec

When I was visiting London last month, the hotel that I was staying in offered complimentary chocolate bars. I know, right? Talk about temptation.

Here in Canada, I really don’t enjoy mass-produced chocolate bars but after reading the list of ingredients in the UK chocolate (no corn syrup), I let temptation win and I indulged in a Mars Bar. And because it tasted so good, I did this night after night whilst I was there. There was something so creamy and satisfying about the UK Mars Bar. Confused as to why I liked the UK bar so much more, I decided to bring one back to Canada with me to do a taste comparison with the US Mars Bar.

With three other willing participants, I sampled the two bars in a blind taste test. None of the four people sampling the chocolate knew which chocolate bar was which. After sampling the pieces side-by-side, these were the differences that we noticed:

US Mars Bar:

  • Darker in colour than the UK chocolate.
  • A lot sweeter than the UK chocolate. More of a sharper sweetness than a subtle sweetness.
  • Less noticeable layers – flavours of caramel, chocolate, and nougat all blended into one flavour.

UK Mars Bar:

  • Lighter in colour.
  • Slightly denser than the US version.
  • A more rounded flavour, as opposed to just sweet.
  • A creamier tasting chocolate flavour.
  • Noticeable layers of caramel, nougat, and chocolate.P1060664

After we had discussed the differences in the bars, we all voted. Surprisingly, it was unanimous. All four participants in my taste-test, preferred the UK chocolate bar! Everyone agreed that the flavour was more rounded and, although it was sweet, it wasn’t as sweet as the US chocolate. Everyone also preferred that each layer (chocolate, nougat, and caramel) in the UK bar could be tasted.

Have you noticed that you prefer chocolate from certain countries better than your home chocolate? If so, which ones?


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