A few of my favourite things…brunch!

4 Dec

I don’t think I’ve met anyone that dislikes brunch. Seriously, what is there to dislike?? If you want breakfast foods, you can have ’em. If you want lunch, you can have that too. Prefer sweet to savoury? Have it! It is even socially acceptable to drink at brunch – Mimosa, Caesars, or Bloody Marys, anyone? Yay to drinking before noon!

Hawksworth’s French Toast.

Nelson the Seagull Breakfast.

I truly think that brunch is my favourite meal to eat out, not because the food is better than dinner (no way) but because it is more casual than dinner. You can rock up with no make-up, wearing jeans and a comfy top, and not feel self-conscious. You can be hung-over from the night before, and not be judged. As a bonus to all this, prices are usually more affordable and you get to do it all whilst buzzing on coffee!

Latte from Revolver.

Short Rib Hash from West.

Stuffed French Toast from West.

My weekends typically consist of traipsing all over town looking for new places to brunch at, or visiting favourite brunch spots. My favourite place for brunch is West, the standard of service and food is so high that I really can’t think of anyone doing it better in the city.

Home-made mushrooms on toast.

Other places that I’ve been happy with are Market by Jean-GeorgesProvence MarinasideTwisted Fork BistroTableauWildebeest, and Yolks (a food truck). Brunch is also great at home (B makes a killer brunch) but I must admit that I prefer going out for brunch. Partly because I hate doing dishes, but mostly because I love the wide range of options available to me.


2 Responses to “A few of my favourite things…brunch!”


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