Photo Visit – Via Tevere – October 2012

29 Oct

1190 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
V5L 4G5

T: 604 336 1803

I am finding that now that I have Car2Go I am able to get to areas of the city that I was too lazy to venture into before. Spending time mapping out a lengthy Translink journey, followed by an inevitable walk in an unfamiliar area, quickly turned me off heading to East Vancouver, but thanks to Car2Go, I can get there now with very little hassle. (This is not a plug for Car2Go – just sharing how much easier it has made my life).

I was in the Commerical Drive neighbourhood the other night, shopping for Halloween costumes, when I stopped in at Via Tevere for my second visit. We were there at about 8.30pm on a weeknight and, once again, I didn’t have to wait in the rumoured long line-up and was instantly seated. Service was fast and this time around, thanks to their recommendation, I was able to ask them to cut our pizza for us so we didn’t have to chase it around the plate (like we did last time). My sister and I opted to share a salad and a pizza:

Insalata Mista – $8. The crunchy prosciutto bits were the highlight!

Capricciosa – $18

The pizza base was deliciously chewy and flame-licked, but the topping made it a bit heavy in the middle so it was a little difficult to eat. Regardless, it was still extremely tasty.

Thank you Car2Go for enabling me to sample more of what our city’s food scene has to offer. And thank you Via Tevere for making yummy pizza!

Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana on Urbanspoon


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