A few of my favourite things…sparkling wine!

10 Sep

We all have them; our favourite things. Those things that make our hearts happy. Those things that make us giddy with excitement, or make us ooze superlatives when we experience them. For me, a lot of these things are food related and so I’m starting a series of posts based on my favourite food related things. Let’s kick off the series with one of my absolute favourites; sparkling wine!

You can call it champagne, sparkling wine, cava, or prosecco – I don’t care what it is called, I just love the bubbly stuff! From the sound of the “pop” that signals the opening of a cold bottle, to the beads of bubbles dancing up the side of a delicate flute, I’m in love with it all.


One Response to “A few of my favourite things…sparkling wine!”


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    […] France as the theme country and bubbles as the focus. My dreams have come true! As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I LOVE bubbles!! A lot of people save bubbles for special occasions but I’m one […]

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