New York, I’m coming for you!!

30 Aug

I think it is pretty safe to call yourself a fully-fledged foodie when you make a restaurant reservation before you’ve booked your flights and accommodation. Therefore, I’m a fully-fledged foodie. Whilst planning our upcoming trip to New York, B and I had rough dates in mind but the actual reserving of flights and accommodation was only done once we had a confirmed reservation for Per Se, Thomas Keller’s world-famous New York restaurant.

It has been my experience that you only get a reservation at a Thomas Keller restaurant through pure determination. It starts with an early morning rise in order to phone the reservations office on the East Coast (I’m on the West Coast). If you are lucky enough to get through, you will have to hold for at least another thirty minutes before you actually get to speak to a real person. With only sixteen tables in the restaurant, you might get this far and then find out that there are no more tables available for the night you are wanting. As you are only able to book 30 days out to the day, you will have to try again the next day. The first day I tried, they were booked out. On my second day of doing this reservation dance, I managed to secure a much coveted Saturday night reservation. Per Se, here we come! Why the focus on Per Se? Well, we were blown away by our The French Laundry experience earlier this year, so we know it is going to be good, but I’m intrigued because Per Se is listed on the San Pellegrino “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list as #6. I want to experience why it is #6. I want to be wowed. I want to be dreaming of this meal long after it is done.

With Per Se secured, we were able to focus on securing a reservation at another highly regarded restaurant, Eleven Madison Park. These guys are #10 on the San Pellegrino list. I’ve heard amazing things about this restaurant so I’m keen to see what makes them one of the best restaurants in the world (according to San Pellegrino anyway).

Since booking our flights and hotel, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching and making lists of restaurants, bars, bakeries, coffee shops, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I am grateful not to live in New York. It is obvious from my ever-growing list that if I lived there, I would be; 1/ broke and 2/the size of a small elephant. Here are a few of the places that we are going to try and hit up whilst we are there:

Needless to say, I think we are going to run out of time, money, and belt notches before we touch on even a few of these places, but we are certainly going to give it a good try.


2 Responses to “New York, I’m coming for you!!”

  1. Brandy, Shake Shack August 31, 2012 at 10:11 am #

    With so many great places to eat in NYC, we’re thrilled Shake Shack is included on your to-do list.

    Hope you have an awesome trip, and our team can’t wait to meet you soon!

    -Brandy, Shake Shack


  1. Per Se – New York « The Culinary Adventures of a Greedy Guts - October 2, 2012

    […] to Per Se SO MUCH that my expectations were set skyhigh. The reason for this, as I mentioned in an earlier post, was mostly due to its #6 placement on the “World’s Best Restaurants” list. I […]

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