Food Cart Festival at the Waldorf

7 Aug

This weekend found Vancouverites indulging in one of the warmest weekends we have had all year. What made it even better was that this weekend was a BC long weekend so we had an extra day to enjoy it. Months of grey, wet weather are forgotten when the weather treats us this well. The long weekend also brought us fun events around the city, such as the Pride Parade and the Food Cart Festival.

Trying to sneak some shade…

I missed the first weekend of the Food Cart Festival due to being out of town but I went down to The Waldorf Hotel this Sunday, ready for some serious feasting! First things first, it was an absolute scorcher! I felt quite bad for the food cart owners as it would have been very uncomfortable cooking in that heat. That didn’t seem to deter them though as there was a decent turn-out from the food carts. I saw Holy Perogy, Pig on the Street, Mom’s Grilled Cheese, La Brasserie Street, Soho Road, Juice Truck, PazzaRella Pizza, and about three different taco stands (although surprisingly, none sold fish tacos).

The first weekend apparently saw about 6,000 people attend. I’m not sure what the numbers were for this weekend but the line-ups were absolutely insane! We waited over an hour for our Pig on the Street wraps, although that is how long I’ve waited on a regular day. The busiest lines appeared to be at Mom’s Grilled Cheese and Pig on the Street. I’m not sure if that was due to popularity or slow moving lines.

Here are some tips for your visit to the Food Cart Fest:

  • Bring sunscreen and a hat. It is hot out there and there isn’t much shade.
  • Take some water, or at least stay hydrated.
  • Bring cash. There is an ATM on-site but better to come prepared.
  • Be prepared to wait for food. It might not be a good idea to arrive with a rumbling belly as you will likely have to wait.
  • There didn’t appear to be any coffee vendors so if you are saving your Sunday morning java for the Food Cart Fest, don’t!

Having all the vendors in one area is a great way to build our food cart community, and I could really see this being a hit at one of the local beaches, or parks. They should provide more bins – there weren’t many – and maybe some more shade (if the weather stays as warm as it was on Sunday). Overall, the event was fun but the line-ups were quite ridiculous. You’ve got until September 2 to enjoy the festival.


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