Saving money and BYO lunches…yawn…

6 Aug

One of my 2011 foodie goals was to spend less money on lunches and save it for dinners out. Well…it’s mid-way through 2012 and I’ve only really started to take this goal seriously now. Ooops. Better late than never, right?

A few years ago, I used to be great at packing my lunch, aka as “brown-bagging” (I really hate that term so let’s stick with using “BYO lunch”). I used to be a great BYO luncher but laziness got the better of me and I soon found myself spending a lot of cash on lunch. Not only are these lunches pricey, they are also not very healthy (but they sure are tasty!). It may have taken awhile but I’ve been back on the BYO lunch train now for about a month (although I’m allowed one “splurge” day a week). I’m now hoping I don’t fall off the train again, as it is a hell of an effort to get back on board.

So what does a day in the life of Greedy Guts work-week food look like? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I took pictures of my lunch every day for the week (oh yeah, I’m THAT person).

I start almost every work day the same way – with homemade muesli. This cereal may, or may not, have been referred to as “horse food” by a friend. Regardless, it is extremely healthy, it keeps me full for hours, and it is pretty cheap. As another bonus, I know EXACTLY what is in my cereal as opposed to a name-brand box of cereal. Throw a bit of yoghurt on it and you have yourself some pretty tasty horse food.

Every Day:


The salad veggies are fresh from the Farmers Market, which I paired with some creamy mozzarella (left over from Sunday dinner). A tin of tuna and some yummy crackers add some filler. Apricot is fresh from the market, grapes from my work kitchen.


Leftover smashed pea and fava beans on sourdough and a side of mixed greens, with a (mangled) boiled egg. Grapes and bananas from the kitchen at work.


Mixed salad, mozzarella, dollops of smashed pea and fava beans, and a side of homemade garlic scape pesto pasta.


It’s the final day for using up all the left over veggies before the weekend. A boiled egg and leftover piece of Pizzeria Farina’s baked bread round out the lunch.

Friday (Funday!!):

Could be anything from food cart lunches, to sushi, báhn mi, or ramen. Friday’s are most welcomed!

Chicken Wonton Ramen – Ramen Jinya

Pig on the Street Southern Piggy

So those are my typical weekday lunches hence why I go CRAZY for food on the weekends. As soon as Friday rolls around, it’s on! I eat whatever I want Friday through Sunday (I’m not really kidding anyone here, I generally eat anything I want all the time).

Although salads do make up most of my work lunch, I will often add something a bit heartier, such as some homemade fried rice, bean salad, or pasta, particularly if I’m exercising that day otherwise I’m starving by the end of the day. Full disclaimer: this is not all I eat in a typical workday. Some sweet treats have been harmed in the making of this post.

I don’t really know if this way is saving me any more money as when I buy my groceries for the week it is still quite expensive, but I figure I can control my spending more by not being tempted by other things whilst having lunch (like drinks, or snacks) and this way is MUCH healthier.


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