Campagnolo – Photo Visit – June 2012

18 Jun

1020 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 2W1

T: 604 484 6018

Brief Description: A casual, rustic restaurant that focuses on affordable seasonal cuisine from the Piedmont and Emigila-Romagna regions of Italy.

Over the weekend I realized that it had been quite some time since my last visit to Campagnolo on Main Street. Too long, in fact. So when B and I were looking for a brunch/lunch option on Saturday, I suggested Campagnolo. We used to visit more regularly a few years ago when B lived on Main so we are quite familiar with their menu and I was pleased to find that some of our favourite dishes remain on the menu after all of this time.

You might already know that I have a real soft spot for carbonara so I couldn’t resist the carbonara pizza ($14), which was finished with a whole egg and sporadic shavings of lemon zest. With so much good pizza in the city at the moment, this breakfast pizza did hold its own. Delicious!

We couldn’t turn out back on our old favourite, the pork ragu tagliatelle ($18). We were happy to find this dish still tastes as it did before but we did miss the individual portions of salt flakes and black pepper that we used to get alongside it to season the dish to your liking.

Final Thoughts: The food was just how I remembered it, although I was more taken with the pizza than the pasta this time around. Service was a little off but I’m putting that down to the rainy, grey Saturday. I’d like to return in the evening for dinner to get a better read on how smooth things run when busier.

Campagnolo on Urbanspoon


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