Bacon Takeout Window at Edible Canada Bistro

21 May

Granville Island
1596 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3R9

T: 604 682 6675

I am well aware that I mentioned in my last post that I need to refrain from eating so much bacon and pizza but then Edible Canada Bistro did something truly remarkable. They opened a takeout window that sells menu items inspired by bacon. Yup, they did. They went there.

I felt that I had to lend my support to something so utterly brilliant so, on Saturday morning, my trotters and I were there ready to dig into something bacon-y!First up, was the BLLT (bacon, lobster, lettuce and tomato on a swiss roll) which was lovely but I did notice a distinct lack of bacon (the bacon element for this dish is bacon aioli). This is probably good as to not over-power the delicate lobster but I would have liked a bit more bacon (maybe bacon pieces within the lobster mix?). Nonetheless it was delicious and $12.

For those wanting a bit more of a bacon hit, the Two Rivers All Beef & Bacon Whistle Dog should hit the spot. With smoked cheddar, fried onions and bacon jam, there was a lot of flavour in this bad boy. The bacon jam was too sweet for me but the more savoury flavours of the meat and cheddar subdued it slightly. I would absolutely order both dishes again.

Although the menu items I had were lighter on the bacon than I had anticipated, I will still head back to try some of the other menu items, like the tempting bacon and duck rillette poutine, a box of bacon strips, a West Coast Cobb salad, and crispy fish and bacon tacos. If you like your desserts with a touch of bacon, indulge in the bacon cinnamon sticky bun, bacon chocolate gelato, or banana bacon bread. The window is only around until the end of summer so don’t hestitate getting down there. Oink oink!

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