Noooooooo!! Refuel closure…

15 Mar

My heart was broken (or should I say smashed into little pieces) when I heard this week about the pending closure of Refuel on West 4th. You might consider me melodramatic but I went through the gauntlet of emotions; upset, angry, really really angry, disappointed, and back to upset again. Why am I so upset? Because this place is GOOD. This place should not be on the chopping block.

I’m sure that there are many reasons for the closure (some I’m sure we aren’t privy to) but I can’t help feel that the nail in the coffin must have been around finances. If the business was doing well, there would be no reason to close it. I think this is what upsets me the most. I see line ups at places on the same street that have me scratching my head about why they are so popular. Perhaps the concepts of these places are lost on me. I’d prefer to spend my money at a food establishment that really puts effort into the products they sell. A place that cures their own bacon, makes their own sausages, and creates their own burger patties, should be celebrated but instead it is closing!

Which leads me to ponder a few things:

  • Is the cost of rent too high in Kits? I have noticed a large number of “for rent/lease” signs in the windows up and down West 4th since January. Can businesses just not afford the rent?
  • Are non-foodie Vancouverites resistant to trying somewhere new, or do they prefer quantity over quality? Sure, Refuel doesn’t serve up excessively large portions but the quantities have always been more than satisfactory.
  • Is Kits too out-of-the-way for non-Kits residents?
  • First it was DB Bistro, Lumiere, and now Refuel. Are we going to see more Kits closures?

Maybe the harsh reality is that others just weren’t as wowed by it as I was. I really don’t know.

All I do know is that I can’t help but feel guilty. I go to Refuel almost once a week. I have taken family and friends there for meals. B and I are regulars here. And yet, I haven’t written a proper blog post about them. Yes, I’ve raved about how I think their burger is out of this world but I never got around to shouting their praises from my wee little blog. What an oversight on my behalf!

As belated as it is, here is a collection of photos that I have taken from my last few visits at Refuel. I’d like to tell you that if you haven’t been to Refuel to rush out and try it before they close on the 24th of March but I can’t. If you do, then it makes it harder for me to get a spot and I really want to gorge myself before they close. 🙂

Refuel, B and I will miss you. Thanks for the food memories!

Fried Chicken Friday

Diver scallops special

Refuel Burger

Peanut and Chocolate Parfait

BBQ’d Ribs

The Cure’s Bacon and Egg Sandwich


2 Responses to “Noooooooo!! Refuel closure…”

  1. josephmallozzi March 16, 2012 at 9:55 pm #

    Refuel shall be missed. Over on my blog, I did a rundown of the top 16 meals I enjoyed there:


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    […] Refuel closed its doors a few months ago, I was truly upset and I felt that I needed some time to mourn the […]

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