Spot Prawn Thermidor

7 Mar

I have recently discovered a new love. And like most new loves it has been developing in intensity. I have found myself falling in love with French cooking (and France).

It started when I read David Lebovitz’s “The Sweet Life in Paris”, a hilarious read on a pastry chef (Lebovitz) who moves to Paris. I then participated in a French cooking class with The Dirty Apron back in January and after that I voraciously read Julia Child’s book “My Life in France”. For a food lover, and an avid traveller, it was a captivating read. Since then I have eaten at numerous local bistros and hosted my own French dinner party for some friends, starting with a warm goat cheese salad, sablefish finished with a lemon caper butter, and ending with home-made lemon tarts. Next up, I will be hosting a French-themed cooking night at my place for some girlfriends. So, as you can see, I’m in trouble.

Following the French theme, a co-worker recently gave me a recipe for Lobster Thermidor that she recommended. I opted not to bother with culling and boiling a lobster (I don’t think I could handle the emotional stress of boiling it alive!), instead, I chose to cook with spot prawns. They were much faster (and cheaper).

What I hadn’t anticipated was just how easy it would be to make the sauce. It was as simple as sweating some garlic, shallots, and mushrooms, and then adding cognac and some cream. I warmed this mixture up before whisking it with a egg yolk and some tarragon. Super simple! I know that I will be using this recipe at my next dinner party because it tasted so good and it was so fancy that it seemed as though I had done a lot to make it taste this good, when in reality it was incredibly easy.


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