Bon Rouge Bistro – Victoria – Photo Visit

7 Feb

611 Courtney Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 1B7

T: 250 220 8008

Brief Description: A very cute French bistro in downtown Victoria. Self-described as “French inspired with a West Coast spin”, the bistro is moderately priced and full of charm.

The last time I was in Victoria was more than two years ago for a friend’s birthday weekend. That weekend was a big party weekend but B & I, ever the foodies, managed to squeeze in some food exploring. The result of this exploring was that we stumbled upon Bon Rouge Bistro. The food was good, the setting (a very cute outdoor patio) was memorable, and we had left feeling pretty positive about the whole experience.

Tonight, I found myself in Victoria for work and although I had done some research on new places to try, a headache had dampened my enthusiasm for trying somewhere new. Happily, I discovered that Bon Rogue Bistro was almost directly across from the hotel I am staying at. That cemented my decision. New place – not tonight (“I have a headache” 😉 ). Bon Rouge, I’m comin’ back!

I walked into the bistro past the cute courtyard that had made such an impression last time and I’m happy to say that I still looked at it and sighed “Awwww!” It’s just so cute! Inside, the chic French bistro was warm and welcoming. Crackling fires were roaring, the flooring tiles were black and white checkers, and soft soothing music was humming throughout the restaurant.

I wanted to order something traditionally French and something warming so French onion soup ($9) was an obvious choice. The gruyere was so gooey that I was picking it out of my teeth! Next up was another very French choice; duck confit with smoky bacon carbonara ($20). I really enjoyed this dish even though I’ve never really been a huge fan of duck (I am slowly warming up to it). I particularly liked the cream sauce that I could dip my chunks of duck meat in to.

To be completely honest, I was expecting to be slightly disappointed by Bon Rouge tonight. The last time I’d been there was in the middle of summer, slightly hungover and with my B. We had willed away a few hours on the patio and it would have taken a pretty big food disaster to have turned that visit from good to bad. Thankfully, tonight I wasn’t disappointed. Of course it wasn’t the best meal I’ve had in my life but I was pleasantly happy and walked away feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

The prices are reasonable – I ordered the soup, the duck confit, one glass of bubbles, and one glass of red wine and it came in at about $50. The only thing that disappointed me tonight was myself. I really wanted to stretch my limits and order dessert (the chocolate pate with salted caramel and marshmallow sounded like it was created for me!) but I just couldn’t fit it in.

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2 Responses to “Bon Rouge Bistro – Victoria – Photo Visit”

  1. Rachel May 28, 2012 at 9:39 am #

    Next time skip Bon Rouge and go to Brasserie L’ecole (if you want French) or Ulla, both in Chinatown. Some of the best restaurants in Victoria!

    • greedyguts May 28, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

      Thanks Rachel! I appreciate the tip. I’ll be back over in October so I’ll make an effort to get there.

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