2011 Foodie Goals – 3 months left!

2 Oct

Is it just me or is it hard to believe that it is already the 2nd of October, the month of changing leaves, Canadian Thanksgiving, and Halloween?? My brain is having a very hard time comprehending this and I keep having to confirm with the calendar every time I go to write the date. With only three months left of 2011 (eeek!), I’ve taken yet another look at my foodie goals to see what I have/haven’t done yet. Here we go!

Restaurants to visit in 2011:

1/ Bao BeiMy first, and only, visit was on Friday night. A really cute space and the food was pretty good but perhaps my expectations were too high as I left slightly underwhelmed. I will need to return in order to properly review the food.

2/ Bo Laksa KingYum! A really good laksa – probably the best so far in the city, although still falling short of my extremely high laksa expectations.

3/ Au Petit Chavignol

4/ ChambarI had a chance to experience many dishes (17 to be exact!) at Chambar at their Belgian National Day feast in July. The food was very rich, with a lot of meats, which left my delicate stomach cringing. Not really interested in returning.

5/ L’AbattoirWow. So I haven’t written it up yet as I prefer to visit a few times before I do so, but I was thoroughly impressed with L’Abattoir. It is a little pricey (hence the delay on the return trip) but well worth it. I will be returning for sure!

6/ Nicli Antica Pizzeria (when it finally opens) Have been numerous times and highly recommend it.

I am pretty happy with how many of my “new restaurant to do” list I have gotten through. I have been waiting to visit Au Petit Chavignol in the fall or winter so that I can indulge in the fondue or some other form of comfort food which just isn’t appropriate for warm summer days.

Anticipated return visits:

1/ Vij’s Went for my birthday dinner but wasn’t all that impressed. Yes…we even ordered the lamb popsicles.

2/ Kingyo

3/ Araxi – We visited Araxi when we were up in Whistler in February. I am still in love with Araxi! We also returned in August for drinks, as well as attending the Araxi Long Table Dinner. We loved it so much that we have also booked tickets for the Cornucopia Araxi “Big Guns” dinner and the “Bubbles and Ocean’s” event.

4/ Cioppino’s – Made a drunken visit to Cioppino’s with a girlfriend for some 4 hour braised veal cheeks pappardelle. Even in my drunken haze I could appreciate the quality of Cioppino’s. B and I really need to return for a romantic dinner.

5/ Bishop’s Spent a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at sophisticated Bishop’s.

6/ La Quercia Recently returned with friends. Still represents good value.

7/ The Hanuman (my favourite restaurant in Darwin that I hope to visit when we are there in May) – I went with my family whilst we were in Darwin and the food was just as good as I remembered!

Kingyo is the only place on my list that I need to return to but we have been so wrapped up visiting Suika, Kingyo’s sister restaurant, that we have yet to make it across the bridge to Kingyo.

Other foodie goals:

* To utilise more recipes from my cookbook collection, especially from my new Jamie Oliver cookbooks that I got for Christmas (“Jamie’s Italy” and “Jamie at Home”). I have definitely been attempting new recipes, especially from “Jamie at Home”, but I won’t cross this one off just yet. This is more of an on-going goal.

Participate in a cooking class. Completed my “Serious Foodie” course at the NorthWest Culinary Academy. I really enjoyed the class and will now be looking to do shorter classes.

* Find, or make, an incredible laksa. Still can’t cross this off. I have made two laksa from scratch – 1 was terrible, 1 was decent. I indulged in a few whilst back in Darwin but I’m still waiting for “the one”.

* Be able to frost a cupcake so that it doesn’t look like a pre-schooler did it. I have signed up for a course at Michael’s which starts this week.

* Spend less money on mediocre weekday lunches and use the money saved for lavish dinners out instead. This has been absolutely hopeless!

* Sit on a Darwin beach with B, at sunset, whilst enjoying exotic foods from Mindil Beach Markets. Bliss! Completed this in May whilst I was visiting my family.

Devour many flat whites whilst in Australia.  Done!!

* Host a really girly afternoon tea. Working on it.

* Host a successful dinner party. I bought fancy white linen napkins in anticipation…but that is all I’ve done.

So, my updated list of goals to complete by end of December is:

1/ Visit Au Petit Chavignol

2/ Revisit Kingyo

3/ Find, or make, an incredible laksa.

4/ Be able to frost a cupcake so that it doesn’t look like a pre-schooler did it.

5/ Spend less money on mediocre weekday lunches and use the money saved for lavish dinners out instead.

6/ Host a really girly afternoon tea.

7/ Host a successful dinner party.

Should be doable.


5 Responses to “2011 Foodie Goals – 3 months left!”

  1. Mia October 2, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Too bad you won’t plan to go back to Chambar. I would say their mussels are the best I have had in the city (the flavour was probably even better than Bouchon in Vegas!). Here’s a lunch tip: make an oversized amount of dinner and when you’re finished, immediately portion some out into a tupperware so no one sneaks back for seconds!

    • greedyguts October 2, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

      Well, maybe if you recommend it that strongly then I should go back and give it a try 🙂

  2. Kevin | 604 Foodtography October 13, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

    If you’re up for a revisit to Bo’s, I’ll come with, haven’t had laksa in a while!


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