La Brasserie Street

11 Sep

West Georgia Street & Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1E4

No website

Brief Description: A downtown-based food cart that sells one thing, and one thing only, beer brined rotisserie chicken sandwiches.

It takes a lot of confidence to open up a food cart and sell only one dish. And when that one dish is a sandwich, well, it’d better be the best damn sandwich. Thankfully, La Brasserie Street food cart has the goods to back up their seemingly suicidal business plan.

They take a generous serving of beer brined rotisserie chicken and stuff it into a large buttermilk bun. On top of this they drizzle gravy and add a handful of crispy fried onions. And wow! What an amazingly simple but incredibly satisfying sandwich.

The sandwich is it for menu choices (unless you count the butter tart for dessert). Just how much will this tasty sandwich set you back? Only $6.25. Uh-huh…I know. It seems almost too good to be true.

When a food cart churns out sandwiches that rock this much it is inevitable that they are going to attract repeat customers, so there is usually a line-up at La Brasserie Street. Don’t walk away. And don’t complain. Line-up, wait the 5 to 10 minutes (you would wait longer at a restaurant) and, when you have that warm sandwich in your hand, find yourself a little nook so that you can eat it in privacy. Trust me; you will want to savour each bite.

The street cart is an extension of the Davie Street restaurant, La Brasserie, and is located at Granville and Georgia Street (directly outside the City Centre Skytrain stop).

Final Thoughts: Highly recommended. There is a reason why this place sells out most days.

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