My Top Most Memorable Desserts

22 Jul

Considering the abysmal summer that we are having here on the West Coast, I think it’s a pretty safe assumption to say that I don’t need to worry about being bikini ready any time soon. The rain and the clouds have made it pretty damn clear that I should just move straight into fall hibernation mode and start packing on the pounds in preparation for winter. This shouldn’t be too hard given my sweet tooth.

Dessert would have to be, without a doubt, the most memorable part of any meal for me. Yes, I absolutely love what comes before it but dessert is what I’m really there for. Regardless of how bursting I am from the meal that has preceded I still manage to find room (in my third stomach, perhaps?) for dessert.

Here is a list of the most memorable desserts that I’ve had in recent years. They are in no particular order:

Sticky Toffee Pudding from Rimrock Café, Whistler. The mother of all desserts. There is a reason that this dessert is famous locally. If the warm pudding doesn’t hook you, the buttery toffee sauce will.

Raspberry Napolean from Araxi, Whistler We were lucky to be at Araxi in summer last year when this dessert was featured on the dessert menu. I’m hoping it shows itself again this year. The combination of simple ingredients makes a lasting impression. This dessert is still very hard to top.

Rhubarb compote, yogurt and freeze dried raspberries from Maze, Melbourne (now closed) I can’t explain why this dessert became my favourite dish of the four course tasting menu that we had at Maze but it was very memorable. Underneath the yogurt was the rhubarb compote, the flavours of which were perfectly balanced by the yogurt and the sorbet.

Peanut and Chocolate Parfait by Re-Fuel, Kitsilano (now closed)

Peanut flavoured mousse, vanilla ice-cream, honeycomb, and chocolate. Need I say more? Be warned: it’s very decadent.

Chocolate Pudding from Market by Jean-Georges, Vancouver

If rich, gooey, chocolate desserts are your thing, then look no further than this offering from Market in the Shangri-La. Thick, rich pudding sits on a sponge cake base and is topped with cream and crystallized violets. Yum!

Chocolate Budino from Nook, Vancouver

The Chocolate Budino is fairly similar to the chocolate pudding from MARKET but with more of a toffee taste. Very dense.

Chocolate mousse from Bistrot Bistro, Vancouver (now closed)

The mousse at Bistrot Bistro is memorable for one reason: it is all you can eat! For a mere $6 the waitress will bring a huge stainless steel bowl of chocolate mousse to your table and will scoop out as much as you like (so long as you eat it all). It’s tempting to go crazy but even I have had to leave some behind.

S’more Sundae from DB Bistro Moderne, Vancouver (now closed)

I don’t have a picture of this delicacy – just the one taken in my memory. It is every bit as wonderful as you’d imagine. I remember there being ice-cream, home-made graham crackers, chocolate sauce and a lightly flamed meringue topping. I only had this once (on their final day) and continually kick myself that I hadn’t ordered it before then. Oh S’more Sundae, we could have had something beautiful.

If summer ain’t coming, I say “let them eat cake!”, or in this case, dessert.


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