La Ghianda

13 Jun

2083 Alma Street
Vancouver, Point Grey
V6R 4N6

T: 604 566 9559

Brief Description: This modest deli provides hearty, simple Italian fare at affordable prices. Dine-in and take-out options available. Limited seating. Only open from 11am to 6pm.

Whilst writing my blog post about La Ghianda last week, I got myself so excited about the food that I knew an immediate visit was in order. On Sunday, with much anticipation, B and I rode our bikes to Alma and West 4th and grabbed ourselves an outdoor table in the sun and sat back to enjoy our delicious lunch.

Considering that I just wrote my review last week, I don’t really have much more to add except that some of the prices have gone up slightly since my last visit. The last time I was there nothing on the menu was over $10, but whilst we were there on Sunday, I did notice that some of the main dishes are now priced slightly higher (around $12). Note: their website still incorrectly shows the lower prices.

Regardless, I believe the prices are still affordable and the food is still impressive. We ordered two bowls of pasta, two coffees, a slice of carrot cake, and a loaf of ciabatta for $36 (not including tax and tip). In my books, that is good value for money. Here are some pictures to help get you anticipating your next visit to La Ghianda.I indulged and ordered the succhiette alla panna for $10 and it was fabulous. Think of a gourmet version of mac and cheese and you’ll start to understand the appeal. The pasta was perfectly al dente and covered in a light layer of creamy sauce which was punctuated with sweet peas and tasty prosciutto bits.

B ordered the garganelli bolognese and, although it was good, it just couldn’t compare to the succhiette alla panna. The waiter summed it up perfectly when he said “Everything here is really good, it’s just that the succhiette alla panna is the best”. He was right.Even though I was absolutely bursting after my huge bowl of succhiette, I had to try the carrot cake. Oh, the things I do for this blog! 🙂 It was very moist with a very cheesy cream cheese frosting and it was only $4. Totally worth it.

Final Thoughts: Love it! Highly recommended.

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