The Easter Bunny is safe…we ate pork.

24 Apr

Here in Canada, the Easter long weekend is nearly over and as I reflect back over the weekend my stomach breathes a sigh of relief that it is done for another year. Not being religious, I am free to direct my attentions to other things over the Easter weekend, such as eating. From a picnic on Granville Island, to dinner at Bistrot Bistro, to chocolate shopping and a potluck dinner, my weekend has been full of good eats and nothing could make me happier. Except for maybe more chocolate.

I am always eager to celebrate a holiday where chocolate is the focal point so I decided to spoil B and my sister with some Easter chocolates. Because I am super nice (or stupid with money) I splurged and visited Xoxolat and Thomas Haas in search of Easter basket fillers.

Xoxolat, located on West 8th and Burrard, was my first stop. Xoxolat sell their own line of specialty chocolates, as well as a variety of imported choccies. It was here where I found the perfect chocolate bar for B called “West Coast Breakfast”. With milk chocolate, hints of maple caramelized bacon and espresso, I knew B would love this bar. I also found a delicious “PBJ” bar – milk chocolate with pockets of peanut butter and jam, which I knew my sister would love. I grabbed one of those for myself as well as a stick of chocolate-coated marshmallows…you know, so I wouldn’t feel left out, get jealous, and eat all of their chocolates as revenge.

On to Thomas Haas and I bought a “nest” of milk, dark, and white chocolate bunnies as well as a few truffle eggs. Thomas Haas had many assorted eggs to choose from but the few items I had bought already had cost me a small fortune so I called it a day. That’s the problem with quality, it rarely comes cheap.

With chocolate shopping over, we hosted a last minute potluck dinner at our place on Easter Saturday to celebrate Easter with friends over food and drinks. Potlucks are awesome – you hardly have to do anything but you have the pleasure of bringing everyone together. Love it! I decided not to do lamb, which is traditionally an Easter dish, but instead I cracked out my slow-cooker and attempted to perfect pulled pork.

The best part about making pulled pork in the slow-cooker is that you really don’t have to do anything yet you get to relish in all of the acclaim! The idea of making my own BBQ sauce had crossed my mind for all of a few seconds until I thought to myself, “Why do more than you have to?” So, off to the grocery store I went and after rummaging through bottles of BBQ sauce filled with corn syrup (no thanks!) I came across “Beer-B-Q Sauce”. I highly recommend this sauce. It was robust, slightly spicy and it gave the pork a lot of flavour.

I rubbed the pork with some salt and pepper, added a splash of beer and some sliced onions before smothering the whole pork butt in about two jars of the BBQ sauce. That was it! I let that piggy butt simmer away for about 7 hours and then when I thought it was flaky enough I tore the whole thing to shreds, drained the liquid and add some more BBQ sauce to it before serving it on some fresh buns. And, as the compliments showered down, even I had to admit that this was really good pulled pork! If you have a slow-cooker, do yourself a favour, and cook some pulled pork.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and that you all enjoyed some yummy food and chocolates – I sure did!


2 Responses to “The Easter Bunny is safe…we ate pork.”

  1. rommy May 4, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    This was the WORST DINNER EVER!

    Just kidding, GG. Thanks for having me over. It was pretty awesome. And your pulled pork was something else. I expect to have this again after you’re back from Oz.

    • greedyguts May 5, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

      Ha ha. I will try and make it again for you! Glad you enjoyed it.

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