Spring time; a return to Rangoli and patio dining

10 Apr

1488 West 11th Avenue
Vancouver, BC  
V6H 1L1

T: 604 736 5711

Brief Description: In a neighbourhood that is home to some of Vancouver’s most well-known and costly restaurants (West, Vij’s, Cru), Rangoli stands out from the crowd by offering affordable, superb Indian food in modest surroundings.

Spring is in the air which means the slow migration back to patio dining is starting. Yesterday, a Saturday in early April, B and I braved our first patio of the year at Rangoli. With a covered patio that comes complete with heaters and blankets, it was an easy maiden voyage.

We settled into our seats and dug into a plate of the crunchy cauliflower, spinach, onion and potato pakoras ($8.75). They were paired with a refreshing mint and yogurt sauce and a side of daal. The crispy, chunky vegetable pakoras were full of spice but were void of heat so they would appeal to those who don’t enjoy spicy/hot food. Highly recommended.

For my main course, I ordered the lamb in cumin and light cream curry, which came with rice, salad and the most amazing naan. The naan was thick and airy making it ideal for mopping up curry sauce. The lamb curry was satisfying; however, B’s beef short ribs in Kalonji curry immediately stole the show.

The beef was incredibly tender and slipped effortlessly from the bone into the slightly thick curry sauce. The curry was fairly light on heat but there was a lot of depth in flavour and spice so I would recommend ordering the beef over the lamb.

Final Thoughts: The service at Rangoli is fast, the food is very good, and the prices are much more reasonable than next doors sister restaurant, Vij’s. In many ways I actually prefer Rangoli to Vij’s. Definitely worth a visit.

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