Thomas Haas Chocolates (West Broadway Location)

11 Jan

2539 West Broadway Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2E9

T: 604 736 1848

Brief Description: A Kitsilano-based patisserie and chocolate store, owned and operated by renowned pastry chef, Thomas Haas. Specialties include creative chocolates, and indulgent pastries and cakes. Prices are above average, but then again, so is the quality. Not open on Sundays or Mondays.

One of the things that I find most impressive about the Vancouver food scene is the amount of passion that the owners of our top food establishments pour into their beloved restaurant or store. It is not uncommon to walk into some of Vancouver’s finest restaurants (Vij’s, Bishop’s, Cioppino’s) and be waited on by the owner. None of this hide-behind-your-name-and-let-others-run-your-business for these guys. They are at the forefront; taking orders, welcoming patrons, working the till. One such establishment (and its owner) is particularly memorable for their service, quality and gratitude. I am speaking of none other than Thomas Haas Chocolates.

Thomas Haas, a European pastry chef from a family of pastry chefs, has an impressive resume and brings his skills to Vancouver in the form of culinary art. You know what I mean, food that looks so good that you almost feel guilty eating it. The café’s display cabinets proudly exhibit handmade chocolates and truffles, elegant cakes, colourful macarons, and delicate pastries. Mercifully, the products are not only beautiful, but they are also delectable. If you prefer something more savoury the gourmet sandwiches, filled with ingredients of superior quality, are also delicious.

Whilst these are all very good reasons to continue to return to Thomas Haas, what really has me returning, week after week, is quite simply that the butter croissants are the best in Vancouver. They are everything that a croissant should be; incredibly buttery and delicately flaky. And, although it’s not something that I personally like, I have also heard similar claims made about the double baked almond croissant.

Do keep in mind that this chic café on West Broadway is always heaving with hungry patrons so it can be quite an achievement to score one of highly sought-after tables. In summer, outdoor seating takes some of the pressure off and you are able to munch your croissant outside in the sunshine, whilst trying to avoid covering yourself in a snowstorm of pastry flakes.

Final Thoughts:  As long as Thomas Haas keeps serving up his treats with the same high standards (and contagious grin) that he is now, I will continue to be a loyal, regular visitor. A Vancouver must-do.

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6 Responses to “Thomas Haas Chocolates (West Broadway Location)”

  1. Vancouver Bites! January 12, 2011 at 12:43 pm #


  2. Melissa January 12, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    I have been meaning to stop by here for a while. I think this will be the weekend for a buttery croissant!

    • greedyguts January 12, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

      Oh, it’s good. Let me know what you think!


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