La Brasserie – December 2010 Visit

22 Dec

1091 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 1M5

T: 604 568 6499

Brief Description: A teeny, tiny Davie Street hot-spot that serves hearty plates of Franco-German cuisine. Be prepared to wait for a table but take comfort knowing that it will be worth it.

Wow – 2010 has absolutely flown by! Whilst starting this post, I realized that it had been almost a year since my first, and only, visit to La Brasserie. My only reason for not having made a return trip earlier is that there are just too many restaurants to try in Vancouver!

Not much has changed at La Brassiere since my last visit; the restaurant remains small, busy and heaving with happy diners. They still do not take reservations and even the menu remains mostly unchanged. But these are not complaints; simply observations. Even if you do find yourself waiting for a table, don’t be too disappointed. You can still enjoy a beer from the hefty European beer menu whilst you pass the time. 🙂

As previously mentioned, the menu hasn’t changed too much so you can still expect to find all the Franco-German fare that I wrote about before, such as home bratwurst, mussels and frites, and skirt steak with truffle morel butter (doesn’t that sound heavenly?).

Although not traditionally Franco-German, we started our meal with oysters, which practically sold themselves at a buck a shuck after 9pm, and truffled poutine. We enjoyed the oysters with a splash of raspberry vinaigrette and then we turned our attention towards devouring the bowl of truffled poutine.

With its robust gravy, intermittent chewy cheese curds, and a splash of earthy truffle oil, the poutine is a must have. The lamb cheeks, that left such a great impression from our last visit, were the daily special and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to have it again. It was lamb cheeks for me and my sister, and B settled on the suckling pig, complete with sauerkraut and schupfnudel.

Unfortunately, this means that we ordered exactly what we ordered last time which leaves me with no new insights into the menu but I can reaffirm that these meals were delicious. The lamb fell slightly short of its grandeur from our last visit, however, it was still delicate and delicious, just lacking a little in a flavour. B couldn’t rave enough about the pork.

Final Thoughts: Although I’ve had only limited visits to La Brassiere, I still think it is one of the better offerings from Davie Street. The food is definitely intended for those who enjoy meat, so think twice about taking someone who is vegetarian or if you prefer seafood. And be prepared to wait for a seat. Price point remains middle of the road (around the $20 mark for a reasonable sized entrée).

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