“To Eat At” Wish List 2010 – Update

1 Jul

Hello Everyone!

Happy Canada Day! Hope you are all having a great day even though it is grey outside (“Hello Sun?? Where are you??!”). Apologies for the long hiatus. All of this fun wedding planning has had me busy and so I have not had much time to write. The big day is coming up very soon (only 6 weeks away now!) so I will have more time after August to eat more and write more! As it is half-way through the year, I thought I’d do a quick update on where I am with my “To Do” list for eating out. So far in 2010, I’ve managed to hit a number of the restaurants on my wish list.


La Quercia

Market (numerous times)

Les Faux Bourgeois

Au Petit Chavignol


The Refinery


Places that I’d like to re-visit:

Rim Rock in Whistler (Will visit in August on the weekend of the wedding – whoo hoo!!)

Rodney’s Oyster Bar



So there we go, not too shabby. Considering that a lot of those places are on the more expensive side (and I am trying to save money), I don’t think that I’ve done too badly. Out of the remaining restaurants, I am most excited about visiting Les Faux Bourgeois. I’ve only heard good things and the price-point is reasonable. I am going to be heading back to Rodney’s Oyster House in a few weeks for a pre-wedding celebration with some friends from work – looking forward to that although I will try not to order as much as last time. Was definitely a Greedy Guts the night that I went recently!

You may remember that I recently planted some potted herbs? B thought it would be funny if I gave you an update. Well…errrr…let’s just say that it appears that gardening is not my forte. It seems as though the ever-demanding basil still hates me. It is so high-maintenance! I cannot seem to make it happy and so it is looking very, very sad at the moment. The rest of the herbs aren’t looking too good either. Perhaps I should stick to cooking. Even knowing what a terrible gardener I am, I took it upon myself to buy some zucchini and cherry tomato plants from the Farmers Market. Happily, there is a wee baby tomato that has sprouted. Fingers crossed that it hangs in there until it is ready to give its plump self up to me and my stomach. The zucchini plant is also looking pretty good – lots of flowers which I’m thinking is a good sign? Needless to say, I think B and I would starve if we were ever dependent on my gardening skills.

Apparently it is summer (although this is news to me!) and one of my favourite things about summer is the endless supply of fresh, local fruits. One of the other things is Farmers Markets. I’ve only been to the Kitsilano market this year, as it is by far the closest, but I just love them. Supporting local farmers and being rewarded for doing so with fresh, local food is something that I can fully support. My recent gardening efforts are a good example as to why I need to support our local farmers. Yay for farmers!!

Happy Canada Day! Will try to write some actual reviews soon…
Greedy Guts


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