Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company

31 Jan

1876 W 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1G5

T: 604 730 0321

Brief Description: With two Vancouver locations, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company offers diners tasty wood-fired pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads made from wholesome, organic, local ingredients.

On paper, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company has all the ingredients to be the best pizza place in Vancouver. They stand loud and proud of their beliefs, of which they have quite a few, and so I have summarized them below:

1/ They aim to use organic, local produce. (Yay!!)

2/ They cook food naturally. Meaning that there are no nasties =  no additives, no transfats and no GMO’s.

3/ They are commited to lessening their impact on the environment by using sustainable seafood, composting all of their food waste and bio-degradable packaging, and they promote awareness of selected conservation efforts. 

4/ They are commited to the community by providing financial support to local schools and clubs.

These are all beliefs that I personally also feel very strongly about and so I feel good when I tuck into their pizza (and who can generally say that about eating pizza?!).

There are two locations in Vancouver, one is in North Vancouver and the other is in Kitsilano and that is the one that I frequent. The space is large and is seperated in to two rooms; one has a bar and numerous long tables (great for families or groups) and the other room contains the clay wood fired oven and more seating. There is also a decent sized patio which is great for summer visits. Staying true to their environmental beliefs they have used recycled woods in their decor and they even have environmentally friendly toilets. Unfortunately, I don’t particularly like the decor. It feels a little too impersonal, too sparce and not very welcoming. The floor is cold bare concrete and the furniture is wooden so it is uncomfortable to sit on for a long period of time. However, that said, I don’t think that most people go there to critique the furnishings. 

The main attraction, without a doubt, would have to be the flatbreads, which is basically pizza but with a thin, non-doughy base. The flatbreads start out by being handcrafted with 100% organic ingredients. They are then covered in wholesome, tasty toppings and are then transferred to a wood fired oven to be baked. The result? A fresh, tasty and somewhat healthy pizza. My only fault with the flatbreads is that sometimes the flavour can be lacking. My favourite is the spicy pepperoni because it is has some kick to it due to the mild spiciness of the pepperoni. Some of the other flavours, however, have left me scratching my head and wondering where the flavour is. Many of the flatbread choices are vegetarian but there are three meatier versions for carnivores that can’t live without their meat. Prices are fair – $9.95 for the serving size below. I believe that it goes up to $14.95 for a bigger size. For those with food allergies, there is also an interesting gluten/lactose free flatbread so these guys really do cater to almost everyone.

Other menu items include limited pasta options, soups, antipasto plates, dips and flatbreads, and substantial, tasty salads (the fresh basil and blackberry salad tastes like summer!). Disappointingly, I have also found the pasta to be lacking in flavour on occasion. The lack of flavour for both the flatbread and the pasta are the only reasons why I don’t scream rave reviews for Rocky Mountain. As I said earlier, on paper they would be the best pizza place in town, however in execution there is just something lacking. Something that I can’t put my finger on. With that said, I still feel that Rocky Mountain is worth a visit but I don’t think that it is necessarily worth going out of your way for.

Service is decent, sometimes a little forgetful. For those with kids you should make an effort to visit with your little one. They have pizza making parties where the kids can make their own pizzas – even I’d be down for that!

Final Thoughts: I really want to like Rocky Mountain more than I do. Mainly because I want to support them and other companies like them who are willing to put the environment and healthy eating before profits. If you are in the area and are looking for somewhere good to eat, then pop in. The food is good but for me it isn’t a destination food spot. As I mentioned, I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there. Nook still retains its #1 spot for pizza in Vancouver!!

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