Nook – 2nd visit

17 Dec

781 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC
V6G 2L6

T: 604 568 4554

Brief Description: Nook fills the West End void of affordable and unpretentious Italian food. Think generous portions of scrumptious pizza and pasta for under $15. The pizza is by far the best that I’ve eaten whilst in Vancouver.

Since my first visit to Nook, only just over a week ago, I have returned another two times. I am happy to report that my first visit was not a fluke – Nook has continued to impress me time and time again. As per my previous post, my first visit was with my sister for her birthday. I enjoyed it so much that I was raving about it to B so it was inevitable that I would drag him there only a few days later. He was just as impressed as I was.

We opted to try the pasta on this occasion. I ordered the Gnocchi with Mini Meatballs and I was served a generous serving of spongy soft gnocchi enveloped in a light tomato sauce that was punctuated with teeny meatballs that were full of flavour. It was fabulous. As was the Wild Boar Carbonara that B ordered.

The smoky boar was generously dispersed throughout the whole dish and a strong parmesan assisted with adding even more flavour. Both pastas are definitely worth a try, however, the Wild Boar Carbonara was on the daily menu so it may not be available on your visit.

Of course, for dessert there was no other option for me than the Chocolate Budino and, true to my word, here is a picture of the beautiful temptress.

As was the case on my last visit, the Chocolate Budino activated every single one of my taste buds and induced them into a state of bliss. I love, love, love the Chocolate Budino!!

B couldn’t go past the fresh tiramisu that was being sliced right in front of us. Although I don’t particularly like tiramisu, I did try some of it and it was definitely fresh and pretty tasty. As someone who does like tiramisu, B cleaned the plate up faster than I could polish off the Chocolate Budino! I can only assume that that meant that it was good.

Final Thoughts: Service was competent and the prices continue to surprise me. For $62 we got two beers, two pasta and two desserts. The quality of the food was spot-on and the serving sizes far more than generous. Having more time to truly take in my surroundings and I really like the vibe of the restaurant. The warm colours on the walls paired with a dark wood accent, an open kitchen and the deep red colour of the upholstery all seem to come together to create very friendly surroundings that almost beckon you to slow down and relax. With all that said, I can confirm that I am well and truly hooked on Nook.

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